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Hi, I'm Andrew. For over 25 years my journey has seen a professional football career, 7 day-a-week hard work in my own wellness businesses, becoming the author of three best-selling books & three eBooks and the heartbreak of losing my mum to cancer.

I found myself in a dark place after the death of my mother. Not just emotionally, but financially, physically and mentally. I began to imagine what my life could be like if I believed anything was possible ... it worked. After some serious changes in my thinking and in my daily actions, my life began to change for the better.

I now live a life of passion, of choice and totally in alignment with my core values. Every day is pure joy spent doing what I love with the people I love ... I believe it is the only way to live!

As a result, I am now passionate about helping people believe in their own power, use more of their potential, expand their personal boundaries and create positive long term change so they can live a happier, healthier and more dynamic life. It sounds simple but it is profoundly deep and meaningful. Through my 'motivational' speaking, writing, online writing workshops, coaching & mentoring, media, wellness programs and seminars I strive to ignite the passion in people to inspire and motivate them to believe in their own amazing power.

Andrew's Blog ... the question is; can a footballer write?

Andrew loves writing! This would sound strange to anyone who knew his his background ... it certainly wouldn't suggest that a literary career would be on the cards. He was a typical footballer with an typical attitude towards reading & education ... a waste of hours between each opportunity to play sport! He truly is an accidental author, writer and blogger!

He is passionate about helping others and through writing he feels able to reach more people. His books & blog posts are all about helping people see, believe and fulfill more of the amazing potential they have ... that means you too! There is incredible possibility & potential in every person and there is an amazing impact through the power of written word.

Please enjoy Andrew's blogs and please feel free to add any comments you see appropriate. 


To get what you want ... get obsessed!

Posted 9/20/2014

The word ‘obsession’ carries with it some negative connotations. It denotes some kind of crazy, maniacal, unhealthy and irrational behavior that causes disharmony. One dictionary defines ‘obsessive’ as, ‘a persistent overriding idea or impulse, often associated with anxiety and mental illness.’  Another defines it as, ‘an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person's mind.’ I’m here to come to the rescue of this misunderstood & often mis-used word. I want to promote its application into your life, for a period, to help you get up, get out & get what you really want.

The definition of ‘obsession’ I like the best comes from the British Macmillan Dictionary and defines the word as, ‘an emotional state in which someone or something is so important to you that you are always thinking about them, in a way that seems extreme to other people.’

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Work hard and focus on your perfect day!

Posted 9/13/2014

If I could make one recommendation to you, it would be ... take some time out, get away and spend time with people who have a bigger vision than you. That’s just what Laura and I did last weekend. We heard from amazing people, we celebrated success and we came home refreshed, inspired & fired up. On Saturday each member of the group shared their story and it was one, in particular, who grabbed my attention.

He spoke about the challenges, distractions and obstacles he’d faced on his journey. He honestly & openly shared about how they had held him back ... until he had an epiphany. He stopped and he thought about what his absolute perfect day would look like. He imagined how it would feel to be living that day by choice, and he started to question everything that he was doing. He asked himself, ‘is what I’m doing today leading me to my perfect day?’

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Ask yourself the right question!

Posted 9/5/2014

Are you ready for some blunt, in-your-face observations? Please know that everything I say comes from a deep desire to help you have more health, happiness and success in your life. I’m about to tell you why you & I don’t have the optimal health, financial strength and wonderful relationships we desire. It’s very simple ... we’re asking ourselves the wrong questions!

Every day, in every situation we ask ourselves questions about how we should approach things and what we should do. What we then do, where we end up and what we achieve in our life is not a reflection of the answers but instead the questions we ask. Be very, very careful about the questions you’re asking yourself!

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Embrace the detour!

Posted 8/30/2014

I don’t know about you, but my immediate reaction to a detour is annoyance. It’s inconvenient, a nuisance and often appears at the worst possible time. But then, is it really a bad thing? The definition of ‘detour’ is; a long or roundabout route that is taken to avoid something or to visit somewhere along the way. There are two key elements in this definition that should encourage you to embrace the detour.

Life is an amazing place of surprise and joy ... if we choose to look at it that way. Rather than be annoyed by the detour, what if we could be excited and grateful because of it? Let’s have a closer look at the elements of the above definition that I’m talking about. The detour will re-direct you to ‘avoid something’ and/or ‘visit somewhere’ ... both are desirable outcomes. So why is our perception of detours often so negative?

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The path is clear when you get 'out of the box'

Posted 8/24/2014

Have you ever been inside a box? It’s cramped, dark, hot and very limiting on your movements. How do you feel when you get out? Free, as you can enjoy the light of day, you can stretch your arms & legs, you can breath and you have all the space in the world to do whatever you want. Our thinking can be just like that box. It can limit us, control us and hold us back ... or it can set us free!

Getting out of a box isn’t difficult ... I mean, it’s just cardboard so how hard can it be to just tear it and break through? The same applies for our mental box ... it really isn’t that hard to break through and change the thinking that may be holding us back. We just need to be deliberate and open to options that will initially challenge the way we have always done things.

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Say 'yes', expect 'yes' and you will get 'yes'!

Posted 8/16/2014

The day had started badly! Even before I was out of bed at 6:30am there was a message on my phone from a person, whom I was meeting that day, cancelling the appointment and not wanting to reschedule. It was an appointment I was looking forward to ... the person was a potential new business partner and there were some exciting possibilities. When I looked at the message, not long after getting up, I felt my heart sink a bit ... you know the feeling? Then, all of a sudden, as I wasn’t expecting the cancellation, my mood dropped. 

Have you ever been there? Have you ever had something not go the way you want and then allow it to immediately impact your mood, your decisions, your expectations and your actions for that whole day? Well, I went into sooky mode!

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Now is the time to create your roadmap to success!

Posted 8/9/2014

The other day I was just about to leave home to visit a friend who lived quite a long way from my home. I really had no idea where she lived yet I was still very confident that I would get there. It was simple because I knew where I was coming from, I knew the actual address and I had a roadmap that would show me - even talk to me and tell me - step by step how to get there. Then I thought about how I would get to her place without an address or roadmap … in reality I would just end up driving around aimlessly & never reach my destination. Hmmm ... that sounded like an article to me!

It seems like a no-brainer ... if you want to get somewhere, you need to know where you’re at, know where you want to go and have a map to direct you there. It doesn’t come much simpler than that ... does it? Then how come so many people are wandering aimlessly through life with no direction ... suffering from a lack of purpose, poor health, financial issues and strained relationships?

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Your physical capacity is a state of mind

Posted 8/3/2014

I was having a bit of a sook this week ... as I tend to do every now and then. You know, the standard whinge about not enough time, people not co-operating and things not going to plan? Then, like magic ... out of the universe came the big leather boot to kick me up the backside, slap me around and help me get over myself! I was getting caught up in my own self-importance ... then in two consecutive days I heard stories about two amazing people that has not only brought me back to reality with a thud, but inspired me beyond belief. My problems are insignificant and my capacity way beyond my current belief ... yours is too by the way!

Have you ever used any or all of the phrases, “I’ve no time”, “I’m too tired”, “It’s too hard”, “I’m not qualified”, “It’s not possible” or “I can’t do it”? We all have! In our head we often believe we are not capable or that forces are too heavily stacked against us. Yet, there are people out there with much tougher circumstances than you and I who are doing things that seem super-human. The difference between them and us is not physical, intellectual or talent  ... it lies 100% in the 6 inches between our ears. Our capacity is in our head!

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What you think is your problem, is not your problem!

Posted 7/26/2014

Life as a human is interesting ... in many ways! We’re constantly being tested from all angles ... tests to keep us learning, keep us growing and keep us stretching ourselves to be better. Have you ever wondered why certain ‘problems’ keep reccuring in your life? The answer is simple ... challenges & tests will continue to happen until you learn the lesson and make the changes you need to make. The first step is to make sure you know what the underlying problem really is!

Towards the end of my football career, as I was surging towards the ripe old age of 35, I began to suffer from regular soft tissue injuries. I’d strain a hamstring here and a calf muscle there. Simple logic told me that if I have a hamstring injury then I need to treat that area of my body ... made sense to me! So I went to the physiotherapist who would massage the direct area, give me ultra-sound treatment on that injured spot, give me stretches to do and prescribe me with anti-inflammory tablets.

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Whatever your AGE, you can have ... A Great Existence!

Posted 7/19/2014

At the age of 24 I was sacked by the professional football club I was playing for ... told I was getting too old! I kept playing and in my 30’s I was getting told by people all around me that I was way too old! In my late 30’s & early 40’s I was training hard and often cautioned by people to be careful as I was getting older. Now, as I am two months away from 50, I know I’m the perfect age and it’s never too late to achieve greatness!

Age is relative ... isn’t it? Do you remember when you were in kindergarten and how those primary school kids seemed so old? Can you recall being in primary school and how hard it was to ever imagine being as old as those secondary school teenagers? As a secondary school student wasn’t it hard to imagine being old enough to be at university or even working for a living?

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