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Imagine what your life could be like if ...

Hi, I'm Andrew. For over 25 years my journey has seen a professional football career, 7 day-a-week hard work in my own wellness businesses, becoming the author of three best-selling books & three eBooks and the heartbreak of losing my mum to cancer.

I found myself in a dark place after the death of my mother. Not just emotionally, but financially, physically and mentally. I began to imagine what my life could be like if I believed anything was possible ... it worked. After some serious changes in my thinking and in my daily actions, my life began to change for the better.

I now live a life of passion, of choice and totally in alignment with my core values. Every day is pure joy spent doing what I love with the people I love ... I believe it is the only way to live!

As a result, I am now passionate about helping people believe in their own power, use more of their potential, expand their personal boundaries and create positive long term change so they can live a happier, healthier and more dynamic life. It sounds simple but it is profoundly deep and meaningful. Through my 'motivational' speaking, writing, online writing workshops, coaching & mentoring, media, wellness programs and seminars I strive to ignite the passion in people to inspire and motivate them to believe in their own amazing power.

Andrew's Blog ... the question is; can a footballer write?

Andrew loves writing! This would sound strange to anyone who knew his his background ... it certainly wouldn't suggest that a literary career would be on the cards. He was a typical footballer with an typical attitude towards reading & education ... a waste of hours between each opportunity to play sport! He truly is an accidental author, writer and blogger!

He is passionate about helping others and through writing he feels able to reach more people. His books & blog posts are all about helping people see, believe and fulfill more of the amazing potential they have ... that means you too! There is incredible possibility & potential in every person and there is an amazing impact through the power of written word.

Please enjoy Andrew's blogs and please feel free to add any comments you see appropriate. 


What you think is your problem, is not your problem!

Posted 7/26/2014

Life as a human is interesting ... in many ways! We’re constantly being tested from all angles ... tests to keep us learning, keep us growing and keep us stretching ourselves to be better. Have you ever wondered why certain ‘problems’ keep reccuring in your life? The answer is simple ... challenges & tests will continue to happen until you learn the lesson and make the changes you need to make. The first step is to make sure you know what the underlying problem really is!

Towards the end of my football career, as I was surging towards the ripe old age of 35, I began to suffer from regular soft tissue injuries. I’d strain a hamstring here and a calf muscle there. Simple logic told me that if I have a hamstring injury then I need to treat that area of my body ... made sense to me! So I went to the physiotherapist who would massage the direct area, give me ultra-sound treatment on that injured spot, give me stretches to do and prescribe me with anti-inflammory tablets.

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Whatever your AGE, you can have ... A Great Existence!

Posted 7/19/2014

At the age of 24 I was sacked by the professional football club I was playing for ... told I was getting too old! I kept playing and in my 30’s I was getting told by people all around me that I was way too old! In my late 30’s & early 40’s I was training hard and often cautioned by people to be careful as I was getting older. Now, as I am two months away from 50, I know I’m the perfect age and it’s never too late to achieve greatness!

Age is relative ... isn’t it? Do you remember when you were in kindergarten and how those primary school kids seemed so old? Can you recall being in primary school and how hard it was to ever imagine being as old as those secondary school teenagers? As a secondary school student wasn’t it hard to imagine being old enough to be at university or even working for a living?

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Why not let your past be your future?

Posted 7/12/2014

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘your past is not your future’? I have heard it & used it many times in my life because it seemed to be a good rule to live by. I thought it would help motivate people by making them feel better about past mistakes. However, I’ve just started to question it ... why is the past such a bad thing? This statement assumes that your past has been all bad! If you’re anything like me, you’ve done many things you’re proud of ... right? So why wouldn’t you want to let you past be your future? 

I think it’s time we looked at things from a different perspective ... a positive and empowering one. I hope you are okay with that! Way too often we look at our current circumstances, which we’re not happy with, and focus on the mistakes, poor choices and experiences of our past to explain where we now are in our life. Hence the quote, ‘your past is not your future.’

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Be wary of the chicken bone!

Posted 7/5/2014

To a dog, how amazing would a roast chicken look? Immediately their eyes widen, saliva starts flowing, their balance & athleticism improve dramatically and they start doing things you never knew they could do! They’re actually obedient when they want to be ... especially when roast chicken is on offer! For dogs, roast chicken is a temptation that can have incredibly negative and harmful consequences.


Our dog, Mr Big, is a notorious scavenger! He never seems to get enough food. Once he polishes off his own bowl of food, he is patiently poised for the next opportunity to eat. When our other dog, Joia, is distracted for even a split second and before any of us realise it, he has scoffed down her bowl of food as well!

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If you want something you've never had, then do something you've never done!

Posted 6/28/2014

I am currently inspired and excited but, to be honest, also petrified! Laura and I have just been to an amazing weekend conference that has shaken things up a bit. There were great speakers who have achieved wonderful things in their lives ... they helped me clarify what I want and how I want to live.

That’s the inspiring and exciting bit! The part that petrified me was & is the thought of what I have to do to achieve it. I am at a point in my life when, as much as I am grateful for what I have and proud of myself for what I have achieved, I want to do, be & have more than I have ever had. I have been feeling this way for a while but just banging away at doing the same old things I have always done and ... surprise, surprise getting exactly the same result!

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Get in the best position to see the forest

Posted 6/19/2014

Have you ever heard the saying, “... can’t see the forest for the trees”? For a long time I wondered what it really meant. I pretended to understand it because I didn’t want to look stupid, but really ... I had no idea! I mean aren’t the trees part of the forest? So if I see the trees, aren’t I seeing the forest? If you are like me, I hope to make you feel better about your ignorance and help you to understand what it actually means. I can now see what a critical concept it is to act upon ... it will really make a massive difference in your life?

Let’s look at this from a purely literal aspect and then we can see how it applies in our lives. Imagine if you were lost in a forest ... packed in by trees all around you, and no clear way forward. You would probably feel stressed, anxious and isolated ... right? You may also feel trapped, hopeless and scared. After banging away for a while and trying to fight your way through the trees you feel that you are getting nowhere fast ... so, you sit down and cry!

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Learn from your past ... don't memorise it!

Posted 6/14/2014

I was listening to an audio CD during the week and I heard the statement, ‘learn from your past, don’t memorise it.’ What a powerful statement ... even more so if you apply it consistently into your life. There are so many people in the world who would be happier & more successful if they simply stepped forward and out of their past!

Your past is your past – good and bad – it can’t be changed. It can be used to either move your forward in life or hold you back ... which would you prefer? I will assume you chose the ‘move forward’ option. If so, the role of the past is to teach you how to make better choices in the present ... this will automatically lead to greater successes in the future.

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Use negative emotions as a signal to do something!

Posted 6/7/2014

Negative emotions ... don’t we love them? Sometimes we don’t even know where they come from. Have you ever had days where you just seem to wake up cranky, sad, tired, anxious or angry and wonder why? Then there are other days you are negative and definitely know why ... right? The bad news is that you can’t avoid negative emotions. The good news is that they are a sign things need to change. You can be a victim to your negative emotions or you can use them to propel you forward ... it’s your choice.

I was listening to a mentor of mine speaking at a seminar during the week and what he spoke about intrigued me. He referred to an article written by Peter Lanius PHD which put a different spin on success ... one that really resonated with me. He explained that true success is measured against our individual needs ... he spoke about 6 basic human needs/desires.

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Be Grateful - Be Free ... A Whales Story

Posted 5/31/2014

As I was sitting and thinking about what I would write this week, my beautiful wife Laura came to the rescue. I was concentrating and intently focussed on trying to come up with an idea when she said, ‘you have to watch this.’ To be honest I was a bit annoyed because, I thought, I am trying to concentrate and have no time to watch things now. I didn’t say it!! I have learned that lesson the hard way!! So I bit-my-tongue, sat back and watched a beautiful four minute video that not only bought tears to my eyes but inspired this weeks blog ... thanks Laura, I am very grateful!

A man and some friends were cruising the waters of the Sea of Cortez, off the coast of Mexico, in their small dingy. They came across a small humpback whale just floating in the still waters ... it seemed to be dead. There were no signs of life until the whale forcefully exhaled.

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Focus on the good intention!

Posted 5/24/2014

Would you be interested in discovering a simple secret to having happier and healthier relationships with every person you come into contact with ... whether you know them or not? Have you ever heard the quote by Anthony Robbins; “the quality of your life is the quality of your relationships”? Think about it ... it is so true! Good relationships make you happy, help you get what you want, bring incredible joy, build successful businesses, help you to feel important and are the key to success in life.

Is that what you want? I certainly do! I found out recently how to do it ... I had to stop being a total hypocrite! Do you want to know how you can start to develop relationships that will give you what you want? Do you really? You, like me, may need to stop being a total hypocrite!! Let me explain ...

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