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'Complete your puzzle. Put all the pieces in place. Stop thinking, ‘she’ll be right, mate’. If you don’t pay attention, she will most certainly NOT be right! Please don’t run the gauntlet with your health; there is too much to lose.'

Here are the seven pieces of the wellness puzzle I will be covering:

Puzzle Piece One:

Find your purpose

Puzzle Piece Two:

Protect your mental and emotional spaces

Puzzle Piece Three:

Breathe easy

Puzzle Piece Four:

Something is in the water

Puzzle Piece Five:

The power of whole food

Puzzle Piece Six:

Have faith in what you cannot see

Puzzle Piece Seven:

Move your body


The Wellness Puzzle

Creating optimal well-being, one piece at a time.


Start putting the pieces in place today...

Imagine a life where you looked and felt exactly the way you wanted. Imagine if you had energy to burn, all day long, and could participate fully and fabulously in everything you did. Imagine if you had optimal wellbeing and lived every day with passion and purpose. Imagine if you could be an inspiring example to people you care about most, and help them live a life of optimal wellbeing, purpose, happiness and prosperity.

Does this sound like fairyland? Does this sound like a great idea in theory, but not achievable in reality? This is not just fantasy, and, it’s not just the author’s great idea. Optimal wellbeing is not only possible, not just the luck of the draw, but, guaranteed, if you take personal control and put all the pieces of the wellness puzzle into place.

Through the right thinking, positive emotions, deliberate actions and healthy habits, optimal wellbeing is no longer just a hope or a wish, but a predictable and exciting reality for anyone who is willing to put the pieces in place.

In this entertaining, inspiring and informative book, Andrew describes the seven pieces of the wellness puzzle. He will show through encouraging stories, how simply this process is for anyone who has a vision to live a long happy and healthy life of passion, purpose and significance.

You will be ready to start putting the pieces into place, the moment you start reading this book.





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"The Wellness Puzzle is one of the most comprehensive lifestyle books I have ever read. If you follow Andrew's seven life principles, you will be on the way to achieving his hefty goal of living well and living to 100."

Dr Ross Walker - Cardiologist, MBBS (Hons), FRACP, FCSANZ, author & speaker

"The Wellness Puzzle was a great read and motivator! I have implemented some of the missing pieces of my health puzzle and seeing some results at last! Andrews approach to health and wellbeing is a holistic one, it makes sense now why I kept doing the same things and NOT getting the results prior to implementing the 7 steps to optimal health. Keep writing and sharing Andrew, another great action plan book that is truly inspiring."

Alicia, NSW

"It is my hope and expectation that this book provides an effective learning experience and is action building for individuals desiring to improve their well-being holistically – piece by piece. This book assists in three key areas. First, it will equip you with the correct knowledge and provides easy, sustainable step-by step actions you can start today that will assist you with any barriers to health change, allowing you to be the best human being you can be. Second, it also strongly focuses on forming new healthy daily habits that can and will change your life forever. Third, it will challenge you to question yourself in areas of your life and health that you may have never considered vital for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being."

Bec Farah - BHSc, Naturopath, speaker & writer

"I enjoyed the style and structure of the Wellness Puzzle and the ease to read it but backed with personal challenges to consider and enact to achieve optimal health. Andrew’s light-hearted nature to a serious topic made this an enjoyable and educational read. The concluding questions / reflections at the end of each chapter are designed and do challenge you to think what am I willing to invest or change in myself to achieve optimal health. Well worth picking off the shelf and getting a copy for yourself."

Ian, NSW



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Wellness books

'Just like a jigsaw puzzle, optimal well-being will happen one piece at a time. The key step in successfully completing a puzzle is that you have the picture on the front of the box. Similarly, the key to piecing together your wellness puzzle is that you have a clear, powerful and compelling picture of the person you want to be and the life you want to live. I hope this book will inspire you to choose optimal well-being over just surviving and getting by. I hope it will empower you to take the simple steps I’ve outlined and make being the best you can be an exciting reality.'

~ Andrew Jobling, The Accidental Author

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