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The Presenters

Greg Sellar

is an author, speaker, facilitator, coach and radio host, Greg strives in the pursuit of better. He is a card-carrying member of Generation X. Like most his age, he’s trying to find his way in the world at a time of shrinking outlooks and expanding waistlines.

A ‘Gen X Vigilante’, he’s tired of society fretting over delicate millennials and how they’re coping, all the while propping up baby boomers who demand a quality of life they haven’t prepared for.

He’s fighting on behalf of the generation stuck in the middle – old enough to be raising families, yet young enough to be caring for parents. Gen Xers who are squeezed from both ends having become the workhorses that keep society ticking. Who is looking after them – their mental health, anxiety, stress, health and fitness?



Andrew Jobling

is on a mission to create a wave of wellness all around the world, and the ambitious goal of engaging the un-engageable, moving the un-moveable and motivating the un-motivatable towards making better choices and living the life of health, happiness and abundance they are born to live. Andrew played professional Australian Football for seven-years. He has thirty-years-experience in the health & wellbeing industry. He is the best-selling author of seven books, including; Eat Chocolate, Drink Alcohol and be Lean & Healthy, and, his latest, The Wellness Puzzle. For the last 15 years, he has been writing and speaking to audiences, and, helping them create the mindset that will lead to optimal wellbeing.


Are you ready for the wellbeing you deserve?


Do you want to be the very best you can?


Are you ready to challenge the status quo?


Are you ready to get started now?


If you are, then join two Aussies in LA...

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to choose the thoughts that will lead you to optimal wellbeing
  • How to get comfortable being uncomfortable
  • How to make changes you have been stuck on until now
  • Simple, enjoyable and sustainable wellness strategies
  • How to be your very best... body, mind and soul.



Thursday September 12, 2019, from 7-9pm 


7551 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

Investment Options:

  • $39 - Early bird, if paid by Aug 31, OR,
  • $59 - Full price, if booked after Sept 1 

Special Gift for Attending:

A 30-min Skype or Zoom with Greg & Andrew to help with your journey (Valued $$$)

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Are you ready to hack the status quo and start living the life you are destined to live?

Then join Greg and Andrew to learn and apply the simple steps to create optimal wellbeing, and, start the next & best stage of your life.