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The only truth is... What you believe!


Bring it to life and... Test drive your dream!


Every so often... Choose to disconnect!


There are times you actually need to... Sweat the small stuff!


It may be time to choose from... A different menu!


Keep it simple or you'll just be... Thanked for the chicken!


Thoughts lead to emotions which... determine wellness!


To make a difference, get... Full to overflowing!


Make a decision to do it right, and... Follow the system!


You've got to work hard, to... make it easy!


There are times you will need to... Sweat the small stuff!


Make noi mistake... You are Incredible!


Eat it today... Sit on it tomorrow!


Honestly, if it's not working... Flip your thinking!


Take advantage of... Every Opportunity!


The results you get, depend on the ... Questions you ask!


Please, don't live by chance... live by choice!


Don't get bitter, bothered or bad-tempered ... Get brighter, bolder and better!


Learn how to regulate your ... emotional control!


It's burning bright inside of you, so ... Let your light shine!


Hang around the right people and you'll get ... success by association!


The secret to your success maybe ... what you don't know!


Make no mistake there is ... magic in the moonlight!


When in doubt ... Jog it out!

Why not just say it and believe it? ... 'I am the greatest'


You will predictably arrive ... where you are headed!


The only problem is in thinking that ... the problem is a problem!


Who or what in your life is ... Worthy of sacrifice?


Spend more of your time ... living, loving and learning!


Now's the time to start living ... your best life!


Every successful winner was ... once a beginner


Dump your rubbish in ... 'the third space'!


Don't accept anything less than the very best!


Now's the time to move it ... off the backburner!


All you need to do is create ... a new normal!


Believe it with logic, then ... drive it with emotion!


It's not what you look at that matters ... it's what you see!


Work hard and develop ... healthy addictions!


Forget about perfection and go for completion!

Don't judge your results too early!


Set a goal, get to work and ... leave room for miracles!


Work hard and focus on ... your perfect day!


If you want something you've never had ... do something you've never done!


Be wary of ... the chicken bone!


Use negative emotions as a signal to ... Do something!


Focus on the ... Good Intention!


I'm scared, you're scared ... we are all scared!


The trouble is ... you think you have time!


Master the art of ... the fast turn-around!


You always have ... something to give!


You are exactly where ... you are meant to be!


Anything is possible when you have ... Burning Desire!


It is always better to ... choose to be happy!


Those crazy enough to think they can change the world ... are the ones who do!


Motivation gets you started ... Habits keep you going!


"I don't have time" is the grown-up version of ... "the do ate my homework"!


Is what you want ... what you really want?


The result is predictable if you ... work the numbers!


The power is in ... the last few steps!


The angel inside you just needs ... to be set free!


In the story of your life ... you are the hero!


Life is great when ... you can laugh at yourself! 


Ask the right questions ... and you will get the right answers!


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  • Your destiny is greater than your history. Click here
  • Make the decision, and then... You can dance! Click here
  • Make sure you can attain... What you're chasing! Click here
  • This is the only one you have, so... Make today count! Click here
  • Even if makes no sense... Believe it anyway! Click here
  • Every wave... Starts with a ripple! Click here
  • Unless you're ready for the truth... Don't read this! Click here
  • Never underestimate the... Power of people! Click here
  • Remove the pain of re-starting... Be consistent! Click here
  • Success lies... On the other side! Click here
  • Stop chasing... Start receiving! Click here
  • Don't stuff it, instead... Capture negative emotion! Click here
  • I like being known as... The positive man! Click here
  • It's not about health, get... Passionate about life! Click here
  • Nothing moves... Without purpose! Click here
  • The last minute, is... The wrong minute! Click here
  • Sometimes, you need to... Power-down! Click here
  • You've got them, so... Use the tools available! Click here
  • Ignore opinions, and... Focus on objectives! Click here
  • Your head is the place to... Get in, then out! Click here
  • When challenge or adversity strikes... Shake it off! Click here
  • Your dream is at stake, so... Hang on tight! Click here
  • The final anxiety buster, is... Focus & Faith! Click here
  • Kill anxiety with... Positive Action! Click here
  • In the age of anxiety... Take back your mind! Click here
  • Start saying & believing... I am enough! Click here
  • Don't be busy... Be on purpose! Click here

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  • The only truth is... What you believe! Click here
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  • Bring it to life, and... Test drive your dream! Click here
  • Allow yourself to be... Divinely guided! Click here
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  • Every so often... Choose to disconnect! Click here
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  • Peanuts are... better than no nuts! Click here
  • The dogs may bark, but the... Caravan moves on! Click here
  • No matter what... Don't worry, be happy! Click here
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  • When you want answers, look... In the right places! Click here
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  • Not just persistence... Unrelenting Persistence! Click Here
  • To make a difference, get... Full to overflowing! Click here
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  • Be very careful... Who you listen to! Click here
  • For just one week... Do what you know to do! Click here
  • A key to success, is the ability to... Manage Disappointment! Click here
  • In your busy life, as you strive for more... Don't miss the obvious! Click here
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  • Talent seems import, but... Effort counts twice! Click here
  • You've got to work hard, to... Make it easy! Click here
  • There are times you do need to... Sweat the small stuff! Click here
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  • Make no mistake... You are incredible! Click Here
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  • No-one is perfect, so be... honest with yourself! - Click here
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  • It may be time to choose from... A different menu! - Click here
  • It's not a problem... it's just life! - Click Here
  • You will immediately find... Freedom through love! - Click here
  • Honestly, if it's not working... Flip your thinking! - Click here
  • Get rid of the noise and... Simplify, simplify, simplify! - Click here
  • Reading will save you from... Dry bread and tea! - Click here
  • Be the person who will just... Get on with the job! - Click here
  • Discomfort is temporary, so... Bust through to freedom! - Click here
  • Keep it simple, or you'll just be... Thanked for the chicken! - Click here
  • You're not governed by the marketplace, but by what you're... Prepared to do! - Click here
  • You can't run an 8-min mile pace and achieve... A 4-min mile! - Click here
  • Beware the tyranny of 'OR' and adopt... the genius of 'AND'! - Click here
  • Not until it's baked, can you put the... Icing on the cake! - Click here
  • Be careful how you use it... All you have in 100%! - Click here
  • We create our problems and the solutions... in our own head! - Click here
  • Be the person... Your dog thinks you are! - Click here
  • Thoughts lead to emotions, which... Determine Wellness! Click here
  • "I don't have time" is the grown-up version of ... "the dog ate my homework"! - Click here
  • Align your decisions and actions ... with your core values! - Click here
  • Don't Focus on the problem ... Focus on the solution! - Click here
  • Don't be fooled ... Rules are NOT made to be broken! - Click here
  • To make a difference in the life of others, put on ... Your oxygen mask first! - Click here
  • We know the cost if you do, not ... The cost if you don't! - Click here
  • You don't need intellect, you ... Just need to focus! - Click here
  • All the answers are underneath, just ... Peel the onion layers! - Click here
  • Live an exceptional life and ... Reject the Mainstream! - Click here
  • The only way to live is a ... Life with No Regrets! - Click here
  • Simply re-calibrate and ... Keep Moving Forward! - Click here
  • Your future depends on ... What you do Today! - Click here
  • The place to be is on the ... Crest of the Wave! - Click here
  • In the face of all opposition ... Stand Your Ground! - Click here
  • Maybe what you need now is ... Radical Action! - Click here
  • You can watch it happen or ... make it happen! - Click here
  • It all comes down to ... what you believe! - Click here
  • Problems come to show us what ... we are capable of! - Click here
  • Never say 'no' to an opportunity ... for personal growth! - Click here
  • There is no need to worry ... you have the answers! - Click here
  • Keep lifting yourself to see ... outside the bucket! - Click here
  • Understand this clearly ... 'no' doesn't mean 'no'! - Click here
  • The outcome in your life depends upon  ... solutions or excuses! - Click here
  • The angel inside you just needs ... to be set free! - Click here
  • The power is in the ... last few steps! - Click here
  • The result is predictable if you ... work the numbers! - Click here
  • Logical or illogical ... just go with it! - Click here
  • It doesn't matter how, just ... Get the job done! - Click here
  • Act now as you want and ... You shall be! - Click here
  • Now is the perfect time to ... Hit the refresh button! - Click here
  • In the New Year, focus on one thing ... Be kind to yourself! - Click here
  • Are you grateful enough? ... it's not just an orange! - Click here
  • The greater the challenge ... the tougher you become! - Click here
  • You always see better ... with your eyes closed! - Click here
  • Don't sacrifice ... what you want most for what you want now! - Click here
  • In the end all that is left is ... Memories & Legacies! - Click here
  • Total control belongs to ... Those in action! - Click here
  • Don't fight the process, it is simple ... Dream - Struggle - Prize! - Click here
  • Never under-estimate ... The power of a smile? - Click here
  • Together we can ... Change the world! - Click here
  • To launch into an amazing day ... Love the morning! - Click here
  • To get anything you want, simply ... Ask the question! - Click here
  • To be free and happy ... Control what you let in! - Click here
  • Here is the simple secret to ... Bounce out of bed! - Click here
  • What you do or don't do, speaks ... Louder than words - Click here
  • Food is bountiful, so it is ... Time to feast - Click here
  • You don't get what you want ... You get what you expect - Click here


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