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Want to become a successful published author? Andrew can help:

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 "Andrew Jobling’s online Book Writing & Publishing Course has really inspired me to believe in my work and has motivated me in getting my book Life on Planet France out there and amongst readers."


"On 1 June 2012, my publishers in Sydney released my book Get a Financial Grip – A Simple Plan for Financial Freedom into every major bookstore in Australia, as well as releasing it on Amazon, Kindle and Apple worldwide. What happened in those 12 months to allow that to happen? The answer is that I completed an inspirational and motivating online workshop One Word at a Time (…is all it takes to write a best-seller) by Andrew Jobling."


"Andrew's course has been great. Being completely online and self paced it has easily fit in with my day to day life, but is has given me the motivation and steps needed to finally write what I have been thinking about for years."

"Andrew Jobling's 'One Word at a Time' online course gave me the motivation and guidance I needed to keep writing through to the final word."


"Andrew Jobling's 'One Word at a Time' course has been of incredible help to me and my writing career. Not only that, but it has legitimately helped improve myself as a person. Thanks to his continued inspirational messages and words of wisdom, Andrew has made me realise that it is indeed possible to achieve my dreams - and all it really took was a positive outlook and the removal of the word 'no' from my vocabulary!"


"Over the years I have written and revised countless outlines for my book but just never settled down to writing the chapters. I knew I had a story to tell but I struggled with deciding on the most appropriate format. Alas, Andrew Joblings writing class was what I needed. I took it seriously when he said, "Just begin." Once I started writing I never stopped. The modules were a tremendous help in guiding my journey. I know that the strategies in this book will benefit educators all over the world. Thanks Andrew"










IMAGINE what it would feel like to be a published author ...



It's Not About The Book

ONE WORD AT A TIME ... Is all it takes to write a bestseller. Then one day at a time, with focus, is all it takes to leverage that book to create a life you can't even begin to imagine.

Writing a book and holding the finished work in your hand is one of the best things you can ever do! Not only will it change your life, but imagine how many people will be impacted … there is no limit!


Your own book will:

  • Feel amazing!
  • Give you confidence and self-belief
  • Be an incredible achievement
  • Positively impact the lives of many other people
  • Be a great business, PR and marketing tool
  • Help you open doors of opportunity
  • Create multiple streams of income
  • Develop financial freedom
  • Live a life of passion & purpose
  • ... much much more


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The Online Program
The Graduates
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The Online Program:

There are 10 modules which will be sent to you at appropriate intervals, at a pace determined by you, to guide you through the process of not just writing your book, but publishing, marketing and distributing your new ‘best-seller’. The modules are:

Module One: Power of the written word – why it is worth writing a book (the benefits)
Module Two: Start with the end in mind – getting the mind right to finish the job
Module Three: Preparing for Success – mentally, emotionally and physically. Getting the plan!
Module Four: One word at a time - The writing process – getting started and making the time to keep going within & around a hectic schedule
Module Five: Finishing the manuscript – overcoming the challenges that stop 95% of people
Module Six: Publishing options - the different options that are available and the pros vs cons
Module Seven: Getting it published – is easier than you think
Module Eight: Media exposure – getting media coverage to increase exposure to the book
Module Nine: Turning exposure into sales - how to maximise the media exposure to attract sales and distributors
Module Ten: The next step – building & using the momentum to write another book, develop your business or just enjoy your bestseller


The Graduates ... so far:

Becky Erkkila - Author of 'What Shall I Do?'
"I have had the priviledge of working with Andrew as I rewrote my book and went through the publishing process. He has been amazing. He helped me through every step of the writing and publishing process and continues to help as I am beginning to market my book. The thing I was impressed and appreciated the most is no matter what question I had or where I got stuck, he had answers. Many times it was lack of confidence or belief in myself. Then, Andrew would tackle that head on and move me through to the next step.
Beck Erkkila
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Marilyn Revill - Author of 'Aubrey's Game'
"Andrew’s success has led to my success in becoming a published author. Aubrey’s name is now in print and I’ve enjoyed the journey. Andrew has a natural talent for communicating, an amusing ability to pass on messages found in everyday situations, and a wealth of experience gleaned from his own journey to success. His aim in working with me was for me to achieve my own goals. He helped me to clear obstacles, form positive habits and assess my progress as I worked. His mentoring was valuable. For me his generosity in sharing information and resources, balanced with a totally amazing work ethic, made my journey to be a published author much easier. Andrew was never late for a skype chat, always followed through if he said he would and presented ever positive messages. Videos and workshops were packed with information from Andrew and sometimes from other professionals.He steered me through having my manuscript assessed, helped me to write a good concise synopsis and to presenting my work to various publishers in a professional manner, and to marketing suggestions.Thank You Andrew. You always answered my questions and certainly helped me to get Aub’s story into print. My rating for you as a mentor is 10/10." 
Marilyn Revill
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Monica Finazzo - Author of 'Living in a Being'

 "I was lost. I had an idea and I wanted to share it with the world. I wanted to write a book, I had started and I was stuck, I didn't know what to do. I can't remember how, but Andrew Jobling came to my life. His program, his coaching and his inspiration was a pivotal step for me to be able to make my dream a reality. His program was not only a great investment into my life, I simply could not have done it without him.  I looked forward to meet him, and I had an accountability partner in him, he made me follow through with my dream. I am grateful for his teachings, and for the legacy he is leaving through all the authors he has now helped" 

Monica Finazzo
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Steele Bishop - Author of 'Wheels of Steele'
"Andrew, I Just wanted to say how much I appreciate all you have done for me in realising this dream of a published book. Your guidance and counsel kept me on track and focussed. Writing something became a natural part of every day life for me and suddenly, there was the finished first draft. It is a tremendously satisfying feeling being a published author. Thank you for everything. I am looking forward to the next part of the journey with you as a continue to write!"

Steele Bishop
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Matthew Gregory - Author of 'Odds & Ends'

"For me there is a big difference between being a writer and being an author. I had been writing all my life, but I never would have become an author without Andrew's help. An author develops a daily habit, never gives up, knows he has a story worth telling and won't let anything get in their way to make sure it is told. Having a mentor like Andrew, who has been there and done that not only proved it was possible, but helped make it possible for ME.  Just like Andrew told me when I first started out, imagine the feeling of holding your book in your hands. Keep that picture in your mind, imagine this is you, and my book is yours and with a little help and some tenacity it will happen."

Matthew Gregory
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Leonie Brewer - Author of 'On Divorce Row'
"I always knew that one day I would write a book. I saw myself in the many stories I read as a child and a young adult. However, it was only when I became a Christian in my early 40’s, that I sensed God’s leading to write, as a calling and ministry using my own life story.  But how does one write a book, I wondered? So, I did what I’m sure most people do in that situation, I Googled that question and guess what…I got 426 million results! That scared the life out of me, so I shelved the writing a book dream and waited on God to lead and guide me. After all, He wanted me to write, right? That was in January 2011. Two years later my sister Bev, who lives in Perth Australia, sent me a gift of an online writing course called One Word At A Time, by Andrew Jobling. I was ecstatic and knew this was no ordinary gift, but a ‘gift from God’.  From Module One to Module Ten, I was totally enamoured! I loved the accountability, the encouragement from Andrew, the suggestions, the timelines and the feedback, as the assignments were handed in. One needs to have this kind of mentorship because as a “newbie” writer, you will certainly encounter writer’s block at some stage and you will want to give up. I would highly recommend this course for those whose dreams include writing and publishing a book. THANK YOU ANDREW, I couldn’t have done it without you and your excellent course!"

Leonie Brewer
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 Ian Horne - Author of 'Pirates Next Door'
"Prior to meeting Andrew, I described my writing history as drafting a number of first chapters followed by lots of edit and rewriting of them. Attending one of Andrew’s seminars motivated a different approach to the process and in due course, together with a number of personal sessions with Andrew and the other mentoring opportunities he provided including his on-line blogs and videocasts, I completed the draft manuscript of what was to become the ‘Pirates Next Door’ illustrated (not by me) children’s book that was recently published by Austin Macauley in the U.K. (simultaneously with other international markets including Australia). Recently I was able to hold the completed book. It includes the dedication “To A.J. for the kick to kick” recognising not only his sporting background but also the kickstart he gave to this project.Thanks again, Andrew."
Ian Horne
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Elsie Bourke - Author of 'ADHD - Not Just Naughty'
"My book ADHD-Not Just Naughty was a something I had worked on over many years, but life always got in the way, and my dream of being an author was put on that all-too-familiar backburner. Fortunately I came across Andrew’s course and it gave the motivation and incentive to pursue my writing more seriously, and to believe that finishing my book was indeed possible. With thanks to Andrew’s course, his encouragement, valuable advice and mentoring I am proud to say, with published  book in hand, that I am now an author."
Elsie Bourke
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Laura Bannerman - Author of 'Girl Seeks Life'
"I initially came to learn about Andrew Jobling through an online 12-step writing program that I purchased from him in 2013.  I completed most steps and created a plan for a book I wanted to write, but life got in the way and it never went further.  When Andrew contacted me about 8 months later, he offered to mentor me one-on-one so that I might finally achieve my dream of being a published author.  The one-on-one mentoring was so valuable to keep me accountable with my writing time, to keep my big goals at the forefront of my priorities, and to keep chipping away at all of the seemingly overwhelming tasks involved in writing, editing and publishing a book.  Andrew guided me through the process and I felt I had a cheer squad behind me every step of the way.  I never believed I was a good enough writer to be a published author, but Andrew helped me to have the confidence to find my voice and keep writing.  Without his mentoring, I wouldn’t be a published author today – I’m so glad I took a chance and said yes to his one-on-one mentoring.  I feel like my journey as an author has only just begun and the future is so exciting!"
Laura Bannerman

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James Heberger - Author of 'The Rage Within'
"I never thought it was possible to write a Novel and get it published. I received Andrews course on how to write a Novel and the step by step process he provides in his modules gives you a clear path to success. I can’t recommend him enough. My book is now on Amazon and doing great! Dreams do come true.  Thanks Andrew."
James Heberger

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Patricia Grosse - Author of 'The Intuitive Marketer'
"I’ve been sitting on my book for years, procrastinating. Sound familiar? You know the saying, when the student is ready, the teacher appears? I made a declaration in a network meeting that I was going to write this book. Andrew was there and in his gentle manner, made sure this would happen. Andrew has supported me through my book writing journey, keeping me accountable, providing opportunities to attend workshops and connecting with other authors. Whatever book writing journey we embark on, Andrew has the contacts to guide us down our individual paths."

 Pat Grosse
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Lindsay Tighe - Author of 'The Answer - Improve your life by asking better questions'

Natalie Ashdown - Author of 'Bring Out Their Best - Inspiring a coaching culture in the workplace'

Mark Stecher - Author of 'Build to Exit - Turn your business into an asset'

Allison Clark - Author of 'I Don't Hate Me Anymore'
"Andrew has been there to guide me, encourage me when I was down, remind me of my goals when I couldn’t see them anymore, and answer my questions. His attitude is always one of positiveness, and when you talk to him, it is very hard not to walk away without feeling excited and energised to keep on going, one word at a time, until it is a masterpeice. Thank you Andrew, from the bottom of my heart. Without you, my book would be nothing but a mere thought floating like a cloud through my mind, never ending up anywhere but disipating into the atmosphere. I love you to pieces!."

 Allison Clark
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Rocco Caratozzolo - Author of 'Never Alone'
"I have received my first batch of books, and I am very excited. Many thanks to Andrew Jobling for his mentoring and support through the different stages of the book."

 Rocco Caratozzolo
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 Sanja Tesic - Author of 'Born to Bloom'

"Andrew's on line course I undertook was a useful resource when I started writing my book. It's simple design encouraged me to access the creativity within me rather than getting "stuck in my head". I actually did get a few writer's blocks along the way at which point I had a phone call conversation/ coaching with Andrew.  Andrew's patience and non judgemental approach assisted me greatly. I would highly recommend Andrew's on line course and also one on one coaching sessions as his knowledge, experience and expertise can get you from a place of being stuck, emotional and confused to a place of clarity and enthusiasm, which will ultimately bring you closer to achieving your goal of becoming an author."

 Sanja Tesic
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Diana Osbich - Author of 'Dancing in the Rain'

 "Andrew was a huge motivational force in helping me to write my book. He was there to help me from the beginning, and thanks to Andrew, I was motivated enough to keep on track with my writing, and to complete the book!"

Diana Osbich
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Erin Beaty - Author of 'The Traitor's Kiss'

"Like many people, I had a vague notion I wanted to write a novel. I had an idea that seemed to have staying power, so I went through Andrew's course, hoping to find a process that would work. To my surprise, there wasn't much actual "how to write a book" instruction in the modules, rather it was visualization and channeling of goals. Then came the part where Andrew said, "Now go forth and write." Not sure when exactly it happened, but I had gone from that vague notion to "this is what I WANT to do and it will be awesome." Barely a week later, a new idea hit me over the head and shortly after I started writing with laser-like focus. (I'd like to note not every part of the process was "awesome," but the compass never wavered.) Three years later I have a book on the shelves and contracts for two more, not to mention a national tour under my belt. And it all started with Andrew!"

Erin Beaty
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 Jo Jamieson - Author of 'Last Touch'

"I knew I had to write my book, only how was it going to come to fruition was the question. After years of using different ghost writers and several thousand pounds poorer, it didn't seem to be happening for many reasons. When I first arrived in Darwin I signed up for an online writers course. Needless to say, I never undertook the course. In desperation one day, seeing my dream of my book being written slowly slipping away, I remembered the writers course and thought "what have I got to loose", I emailed Andrew. I seriously never expected him to reply. Not only did he reply, he phoned me. I asked him advice on ghostwriters and Andrew said matter of factly "write it yourself". I thought he was mad. I knew nothing about writing. I had a story I needed to tell but I was no writer. Before I knew it I suddenly thought "why not", I didn't have much confidence and really thought I would never succeed,  but with much encouragement Andrew didn't let me give up, even when I had no faith he believed in me. I have to say that there is no one more surprised than me that I am an author. My confidence has grown no end. So to coin Andrews phrase. If I can write a book then anyone can. All you need is to believe in yourself. It took me a while but I got there. So, I am forever grateful for Andrew believing in me and being my mentor."

Jo Jamieson
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Charlene Day - Author of 'The 30 laws of Flow'

"The course was very well put together and sequentially took me through the whole process of writing and getting it out there online. Thank you Andrew."

Charlene Day
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Pete Wargent - Author of 'Get a Financial Grip – A Simple Plan for Financial Freedom '

"12 months ago, I was a dreamer with a great idea for a book but no writing experience, no idea how to get a book published and a truckload of self-doubt. On 1 June 2012, my publishers in Sydney released my book Get a Financial Grip – A Simple Plan for Financial Freedom into every major bookstore in Australia, as well as releasing it on Amazon, Kindle and Apple worldwide. What happened in those 12 months to allow that to happen? The answer is that I completed an inspirational and motivating online workshop One Word at a Time (…is all it takes to write a best-seller) by Andrew Jobling. I could give you a dozen reasons why you should take this great value course, but I’ll give you just three ..." click here for the full testimonial

Pete Wargent

 Lisa Unger - Author of 'Life on Planet France'

"Andrew Jobling’s online Book Writing & Publishing Course has really inspired me to believe in my work and has motivated me in getting my book Life on Planet France out there and amongst readers. Before ordering Andrew’s online publishing course I had many self doubts about selling my book and I wasn’t sure if anyone would even want to read it. I also had no idea how to go about marketing my book. Andrew’s course was truly motivational and inspiring; my self-doubts disappeared in the first two modules. The industry information and know-how he has given me is priceless. I now feel confident about selling my book and informed as to what I need to do to market it. I did the course in my own time at home but have learnt as much as I would have by going into a traditional classroom environment. Thank you so much, Andrew."

Lisa Anne Unger

Louise Jones - Author of 'Learning that's fun'

"Andrew's course has been great. Being completely online and self paced it has easily fit in with my day to day life, but is has given me the motivation and steps needed to finally write what I have been thinking about for years. My book was an idea that I have had forever, and I had started it a couple of times before, but never finished. This course finally gave me the right formula to get it out on paper and see it through to the end. It's been so easy and fun, and I'm really excited about my next book idea...another idea I've had for years. Stay tuned."

Louise Jones

 Alan Roe - Author of 'Genesis Genius'

"Andrew's course showed me how the whole book writing process works. In practical terms I was shown what makes for a good book, how it keeps readers engaged and what is most likely to be appealing in today's many readership markets. The course also helped me to set a personal plan, which when I strayed from it, brought me back on track. It addressed not just the mechanics of good writing but helped me to identify why I wanted to write and what my book meant to me personally."

Alan Roe
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Casey Nash - Author of 'What Lay in the Dark'

"A year ago I had no idea how to write a book. I knew how to start writing one, but I wouldn't get past chapter three at the best. I would have never considered publishing a book; why would you if you couldn't finish one? Andrew Jobling's 'One Word at a Time' online course gave me the motivation and guidance I needed to keep writing through to the final word. His knowledge of the publishing industry was invaluable and a real asset on the road to publication, especially for someone with no previous knowledge of the industry. With Andrew's help and support, I have somehow managed to get my first book published and available worldwide! I would recommend Andrew's program to anyone who wants to write their own book and get it out there."

Casey Nash

Kay Rock - Author of 'Everything I Know About Relationships I Learned Dancing.'

"Andrew's online resources were a great help to me in practical as well as emotional ways. Are all writers distracted by "bones in the road" or just me? Ah, not just me! Whenever I would lose focus or an assignment got buried in a pile of paper, I would receive a reassuring and inspiring short note or letter from Andrew. He never badgered but he always helped remind me of my goal and the importance of believing in oneself and maintaining focus. He also emphasized the joy and empowerment one feels when something they've written is published. It is a great feeling!Thank you so much Andrew for keeping me on track and helping me to realize my goal. Your help is much appreciated!."

Kay Rock
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Nava Chernoff - Author of 'Searching For Fred ... A True Story.'

"Dear Andrew, Thank you so much for giving me your time and encouragement. Although I joined your program late in my writing process the positive experience with all the principals of determination to achieve success, motivate me to give one more push and helped me finish my many years of research project."
My book “searching For Fred”
On his deathbed, my father asked me to find his two brothers and a sister she never knew existed. He explained that they were lost in Europe during the Holocaust, but he wasn’t sure of their surnames, as his own had been changed as a young boy.
I was born and raised in Eilat, Israel’s southernmost city located at the northern tip of the Red sea. At the age of twelve, I decided to leave home to live and work on a kibbutz in Maale Hachamisha. When I was twenty-five, I began my decade long
journey to find my missing relatives.

Nava Chernoff
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Nicole Meredith - Author of 'Blood Awakening'

"Barely a year ago I was feeling uninspired with a half-finished novel and no idea what to do next. Through Andrew Joblings workshop One Word at a Time (…is all it takes to write a best-seller) I discovered the tools I needed to not only complete my novel, but to reshape my way of thinking about writing in general. Andrew's course motivated me on both a logical level and an emotional one as it saw me through the process of getting my book completed and ready for sale - a feat I can now honestly say I never thought would happen. It also provided me with the gentle nudges I needed to stay on track when the newest 'shiny' distraction came along. With my book Blood Awakening published and out in the world I have never been more excited about writing and cannot wait to start on my next novel. Thank you Andrew Jobling, for helping me follow my passion."

 Nicole Meredith
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Lorraine Pestell - Author of 'A Life Singular - Part One'

"I have been writing the "A Life Singular" story for over thirty years, in one form or other, and finally re-organised my life well enough that I could pursue my dream to publish. At about this time, I came across Andrew's Online Book Writing course and found it the perfect trigger to motivate me, clarifying the reasons why I'm writing and what I want my book to give its readers.

The weekly essays are always uplifting, especially for someone who has struggled most of my life with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and all that goes with it, so it was great to get those regular reminders to think positive and not give up on my dream. I'm now in the process of self-publishing Part One of the six-part series of novels, which is very exciting. Thanks again, Andrew, for helping make "A Life Singular" a reality!!"

Lorraine Pestell

Bob Jones - Author of 'The Life of a Spoilt Kid'

"Andrew, having signed up for your offer “How to write a book” I must be honest I only completed assignment #1 before I deciding to start my book. I simply worked out my writing style as I went along.  It was your enthusiasm & encouragement in your regular emails that prompted me to bite the bullet & do something I had talked about doing for years."

Bob Jones

Nancy Galluzzo - Author of 'Find Your Own Voice'

"Andrew, thank you so much for all of the great advice and encouragement along the way.  It was nice to have the feeling of having a "senior partner" who knows the ropes"

Nancy Galluzzo
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Peta Beelen - Author of 'Let's Get Cosy ...'

"The stepped and logical approach of Andrew’s program really helped me keep on track and focused when writing and publishing my book. Andrew has the unenviable task of writing a program to inspire others to keep at it ... and he succeeds!"

Peta Beelen
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 Tricia La Bella - Author of '22:44 Our Hidden Gift'

 "After reaping the benefits of journaling when I went through my own cancer experience – I knew it would help me again when I faced my husband’s diagnosis with an advanced form of non Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It didn’t take long for ‘loose chapters’ to form... that was when we felt we had something powerful to share. I realised I needed help to pull it all together and that is when I ‘stumbled’ across Andrew’s One Word at a Time online writing course The progressive nature of the modules seemed to subtly propel me further into the process – it felt like I had a personal coach by my side.  It was a major key in shifting my writing from the confines of my computer, to a well crafted book that is now available from major outlets. Thank you Andrew once again"

Tricia La Bella
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  Katie Schell - Author of 'Love Beyond Measure'

 "I am so delighted to report that a book that I started over eighteen months ago is now available on  After my father passed away in February 2011, I wanted to write a book about my mother and her incredible journey from that of a Korean peasant to a proud American.  The first thing I did was purchase Andrew Joblings Online Writing Course – One Word At A Time.  The course was simplistic yet of huge value.  It allowed me to begin my writing at a very good starting point, kept me on course and even encouraged me when writer’s block hit.  Some of the best points were learned in the beginning.  A book is truly written One Word At A Time.  I worked on it every day (except those days I worked 12 hours in the Emergency Room).  I did something each day with the goal of finishing the book.  Other great teaching points included some basic concepts such as keeping the chapters short and having a “hook” in every chapter.  I tried to implement these in my writing and I believe the end result will become a New York Times Best Seller!"

Katie Schell
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    Janice Cover - Author of 
'7 Insider Secrets: Transform Your Low-Performing Elementary School and Score an "A" in Record Time

 "Over the years I have written and revised countless outlines for my book but just never settled down to writing the chapters. I knew I had a story to tell but I struggled with deciding on the most appropriate format. Alas, Andrew Joblings writing class was what I needed. I took it seriously when he said, "Just begin." Once I started writing I never stopped. The modules were a tremendous help in guiding my journey. I know that the strategies in this book will benefit educators all over the world. Thanks Andrew"

Janice Cover
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Gino Gammaldi - Author of 'The Secret at St Marys'

 "The ‘ONE WORD AT A TIME’ course provided me with just the right impetus that I needed to bring my children book to fruition. It had been on the backburner for some years and it took the encouragement and the particular methodology of this course to galvanize me back into action and to believe that the book could be viable. The course provided some very clear direction in terms of objectives, structure and impetus. Just what the doctor ordered. I am indebted to Andrew and his genuine and insightful approach without which my book might never have been finished. The Secret At St Mary’s is my first book and I am already working on two others."

 Gino Gammaldi
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Rose Chiello - Author of 'Blueroos Adventures'

 "Dear Andrew, You have passed on a great gift: one of courage, strength and positive thinking. You taught me not to be discouraged, to keep my vision strong and how to overcome obstacles. I jumped many obstacles on the journey in having my book published and your course taught me how to overcome these. In the end I published my children’s storybook, ‘Blueroo’s Adventures’ and I am proud of my achievements. I am so happy that my children and grandchildren have a copy of this accomplishment of mine. Andrew, I thank you for your support and encouragement. Your writing course has been invaluable."

 Rose Chiello
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 Mike Smith - Author of 'O.W.N. I.T. The Teen's Cheat Codes to Life'

 "Being a motivational speaker people often told me that I should write a book. I didn't know where to begin until I started Andrew's One Word At A Time program. It explained the process step by step in an informative yet simple way. It was just the kick in the pants that I needed. Not only did it teach me what to write but how to write it to be the most effective for my audience.  I want to use my book to change the lives of teenagers around the world and give them hope. This program has enabled me to do that. Thanks Andrew"

  Mike Smith
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Kris Godwin - Author of 'The Tarinn Fables: Kwennsfulass'

 "Andrew Jobling's 'One Word at a Time' course has been of incredible help to me and my writing career. Not only that, but it has legitimately helped improve myself as a person. Thanks to his continued inspirational messages and words of wisdom, Andrew has made me realise that it is indeed possible to achieve my dreams - and all it really took was a positive outlook and the removal of the word 'no' from my vocabulary! I will always be thankful for the abundant help and guidance that proved so effective in each module I received - and now as a result, I have a fledgling writing career, new friends, and an ever-increasing profile. All of this from literally nothing. So again, thank you Andrew, for everything you have done (and continue to do!) for many, many people just like me! I can now say that I am the author of The Tarinn Fables: Kwennsfulass!"

  Kris Godwin
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Belinda Thursby - Author of 'Leaving the Nest:  a fun guide to moving out'

 "To Andrew, well, I've just seen my book -- Leaving the Nest: a fun guide to moving out -- available to buy for the first time, and want to thank you for providing the initial push I needed to get moving! Your course was especially useful in inspiring me to actually put pen to paper, plus the simple steps helped get the organisation sorted and your positive tips kept my momentum up. I wish you all success in continuing to encourage people to  achieve their dreams of publishing their own book (as I did!)."

  Belinda Thursby
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David Heberley - Author of 'The Mystery on Golden Lion Mountain'

 "As this was my first foray into publishing my own book, and I now have in my hand my very first copy.  I wish to acknowledge that I found the Course of Andrew's 'One Word at a Time'  exceptionally helpful, in that it led 1 step at a time through all the processes, and during all of this time (10 courses) Andrew was right there offering encouragement and insights  to the process I was going through. I would not hesitate to recommend his course to anyone considering coming into the exciting world of writing novels. Thanks Andrew"

  David Heberley
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Jacques Mitchell - Author of 'Effectively Conquering Your Day'

 "This course has been amazing! The Articles sent always inspired hope and brought forth excitement. With the information provided through Andrew I was able to use many strategies to help to make my book more personal and impactful. I would encourage anyone that has a desire to write to go through this course. it's worth it!!"

  Jacques Mitchell
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Anne Maree Spencer - Author of 'Lies, Deceit, Adultery and My Husband’s Boyfriend'

 "My writing was becoming repetitive and jargonised lacking direction. Miraculously Andrew’s course appeared on the internet in the nick of time. The soul searching component was a very moving and tough experience, but all in all I completed the workshops and the final product is something that I am proud of."

 Anne Maree Spencer
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Don Simpson - Author of 'Too Old For Motor Racing'

 "Andrew, all in all it’s been an experience that I know I wouldn’t have enjoyed had I not bought your course.  I would have planned to do it one day but that day may never have arrived. Well it’s done now and I have a taste for it.  Truth is that if I never do it again I’ve done it now and I’m proud of it.  In fact it’s a sort of legacy for my granddaughter as well so it ticks a few boxes. Once again Andrew, thank you for your help and encouragement.  It’s been invaluable in my getting my book to publication and your course was worth much more than I paid for it."

 Don Simpson
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Jaimee Linke - Author of 'Leafpaws Story - A New beginning'

 "Andrew, Thank you so much for your mentoring course - it set me on the right track and now Leafpaw's Story is published!!"

 Jaimee Linkee (14 yrs old)
Click Here to find out more about Jaimee & the book

Colleen Bleazard- Author of 'Songs for Angus'

 "Andrew Jobling’s book writing course has been inspirational, motivating, easy to follow with the step by step process, and totally doable! Not only being practical, but also the encouragement and personal support from Andrew himself is second to none. Now here I am with my self-published book ‘Songs for Angus’ with a very successful début book launch. Thank you Andrew for everything, for your expertise and commitment. God bless."

 Colleen Bleazard
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Cynthia Floriani - Author of 'Aba and Shamana'

 "I am a recently published & proud author and I’d like to thank Andrew Jobling for his online writing course, One Word at a Time. Thanks to the course I have been able to pursue my dream of writing & publishing a book. Andrews modules in the course are well set out with a lot of great content … he also followed up and responded to queries very promptly. I loved that Andrew congratulated me every step of the way and it made me feel really good. The painting besides me in the photo is a painting I commissioned for the cover of my book by talented artist Vivienne O'Neill. I am proudly supporting three charities; Red Cross Australia, The Donkey sanctuary and DSPA. Once again, thank you Andrew" 

 Cynthia Floriani
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Anna K. Leon - Author of 'Tangle with our family - Zen-tangle/ Zendalas/ Zen-doodles/ Zen-design'

 "My partner enrolled me in Andrew Jobling’s writing class.  By now I have done maybe 5 self-published children’s books.   They were very simple and however bad they might have being - they were very inspirational to me (LOL), but I needed more than just inspiration.  I had friends that told me you should just not be writing or try your own language.  Well No I was going to write in English and I want to succeed.  I started completing the modules as Andrew sent it on I realized that I wanted to make a new start under a new name.  This time I picked the name Anna K. Leon to write under.  Whilst doing the class with Andrew I worked on above book and enrolled the help of my daughters 13 and 14 at the time as Zentangle Artists. During this time I completed 20 other books and also helped my two young daughters finish one book of their own.    Really with enrolling me in Andrew’s classes writing became a family project for us.    found his blog messages always so encouraging and if you can’t get motivated with that – then perhaps a tornado might not even move you LOL. I am thankful for all of Andrews’s guidance and personal recommendations, his responses even though I am in Texas sand he is in Australia is as fast as can be. I will strongly encourage you to enroll in Andrew Jobling’s writing class. I do not wish  to pose with my book -  for now I want to keep my real identity between me and I and I and me – and Andrew (LOL). Have fun go wild and write until you drop then get up and write some more…  Good Luck!" 

 Anna K. Leon
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Ronda Green - Author of 'Wildlife Tourism: a handbook for tour guides, eco-lodges, students and start-up businesses. Click Here to buy the hard copy
Click Here to buy the eBook

Grace Fenton - Author of 'The Sea Captain, The Fiery Evangalist, The Matriarch and Me.'

  "The writing course I have been taking with Andrew Jobling was beyond helpful.  Without his constant encouragement and positive motivation, as well as practical information concerning the publishing process, this project would not have been completed. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in writing a book and following it through to the publishing phase as well as how to "sell" it." 

  Grace Fenton

Katrin Schmidt - Author of 'Einmal Sydney und zurück'

"There are countless obstacles along the way of writing a novel. Life itself was the biggest one for me I think. It took me nearly 4 years to finish my first novel ‘Einmal Sydney und zurück’. I changed the storyline so many times that I cannot even remember what the original idea looked like. I was quite unstructured and was just writing whatever I felt that day. I signed up for Andrew’s Online Writing Course because I was looking for guidance. With his modules I learned how to structure my storyline properly, how to not loose the big picture out of sight and how to finish the book despite all the obstacles. Today I hold my first novel in my hands and it makes me incredibly proud! Thank you so much, Andrew, for helping on the way!" 

 Katrin Schmidt
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Barbara Wallner - Author of 'Kassandra - A Journey to the New World'
"I really enjoyed following the workshop. Right at the beginning it was great to get more awareness and a focus where I wanted to go and whom I wanted to write for. What I liked most was that the online workshop was well planned and packed with practical information and great exercises to keep going. I could work in my own pace and when it suited me most. It was also of great help that Andrew shared his own experiences which inspired me very much. It took me a while from the point that I finished my book until it was published. I cannot express my feeling how proud and delighted I am. My greatest inspiration was that I kept Module 6 “Getting published” in my inbox until the day when I was able to send an email to Andrew informing him that I had published my book. In can highly recommend this online workshop! Thank you again Andrew!" 

 Barbara Wallner
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Renee Russell- Author of 'Bobby's New House'

"Hi Andrew, I know it's been a while since I completed your course but I made it - thanks to you! The course gave me the confidence to give my little book a go and now I have written 10 children's picture books and still counting! I have read every newsletter and was inspired every single time! Now your newsletters are keeping me motivated to draw the remaining pictures for book number 2! Thank you so for all your help!"  

 Renee Russell
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P.J. Connors - Author of 'The Moon Above, The Blood Below'

"It's often said that everyone has a novel in them, and I believe that's true.  But finding that novel and then putting it onto paper is quite a challenge.  That's where Andrew comes in!  His program provided me with the motivation to get it done.  If you have a desire to be an author you should contact him and let him help you find your novel too.  I'm glad I did!"  

 P.J. Connors
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Hugh Vaughan - Author of 'Cillefoyle Park'
"Thank you, Andrew for your course, it’s a step by step guide to get writing and end up with a manuscript. Andrew was always there with encouragement. This is my second book and I wish I had completed his course before doing my first."  

 Hugh Vaughan
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 Louise Norton - Author of 'You Are Amazing'
"I had no idea the first thing about writing a book or how to do it. So this course was great for me. It really gave me the motivation, inspiration and help in getting started.Thank you Andrew."  

 Louise Norton
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 Kim Kent - Author of 'Spiritual Awakenings - A Beginners Guide Book'
"Can you believe I never intended to write a book, let alone enrol in Andrew Jobling’s online course! Here you have it — Almost 4 years later - I now have a very successful book. How did it all come about? Firstly, I think Andrew’s course found me or should I say - it was meant to be. Although after the initial excitement it wasn’t all smooth sailing. I had many self doubts and self criticisms but I truly believed the simple words ‘One Word at a Time’ kept me sane.  Going to Andrew’s Weekend Workshop really did help too. On a number of levels I was grateful for meeting fellow writers both unpublished, self published and published through a company. So glad I got to meet you too Andrew , you are such a rare human being who genuinely wants to make a difference not only for budding writers but anyone who is willing to give it a try. Much Gratitude."  

 Kim Kent
Email Kim at to buy the book

 Karen Guest - Author of 'Barefoot to Boeings ... Memoirs of a Jet Jockey'
"Who wouldn’t want a personal trainer for authors in their back pocket. I bought Andrew’s ‘one word at a time’ course and, full of enthusiasm, I started the course and then I stopped the course and my writing ... simply because life got in the way. For quite some time I struggled and was at a point where I really needed some help in order to move forward. Last year  Andrew reconnected with me and I took a ride in the fast lane - and I am now a published author. The feeling is absolutely fantastic! I have achieved my dream and made good on a promise to a very special person. Without Andrew’s ‘one word at a time’ course and his continued and unconditional support and encouragement, I know I would not have reached this amazing milestone in my life."  

 Karen Guest
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 Rabi Gunaratnam - Author of ''Time to Wake Up Church!'

"I joined the “One-Word-At-A-Time” on-line course in 2012. I had never written a book and had no clue as to where to start or what to do. The ten part course was the best thing I did. The information and constant encouragement provided by Andrew helped me immensely in setting goals, to layout my ideas for the chapters and then put the meat into it. I am a very busy person working around sixty hours a week in my business and the course was helpful in completing this book. This book titled “Time To Wake Up Church!” with fourteen chapters, 231 pages, was released as an eBook and paperback on 01st March 2016. Thanks Andrew for your help"  

 Rabi Gunaratnam
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 Ruder Schill - Author of 'A Journey of Faith and Dreams!'
"Never having written a book before, I had no idea where to start or how to get my book published. Andrew’s course gave me not only insight into what is involved in writing a book – but by making me think and write down my objective(s) for the book and what I hoped to get out of writing it – set the stage for my writing. His questions at the end of each session kept me focused and encouraged me all the way. I had a couple of SKYPE sessions with Andrew that were very helpful to keep me going when I was getting stuck. He was very helpful in getting me hooked up with a publisher and in getting the book to publication. I doubt I would have finished the book and gotten it published without his help. So not only was the course informative and very helpful, but the ability to chat with Andrew, who kept encouraging me, was every bit as helpful. Thank you Andrew, without your teaching me., coaching me, and encouraging me all along the way, I am not sure my book would have happened."  

 Ruder Schill
Click Here  to buy the book

Kylie Jones - Author of 'The Other Woman!'
"Andrew, I wanted to thank you again for enabling me to do what I have done.  Without your support, your interest and your skill I would not have started this amazing experience let alone finished it and held my book in my hand.  I am an author not by accident but because you gave me the skills and the confidence to be one.  I am an author because you, my friends and my amazing family believed that's what I could be.  I am an author - Kylie Jones - Author... how about that??  Sounds pretty darn good I have to say"  
Kylie Jones
Click Here  to buy the book

Kelly Myles - Author of 'Writing Your Own Life'
"Andrew helped me to understand that I didn't need to be an expert at punctuation or a literary genius to write my book. My stories were just that: my stories. And who knew my stories better than me? Who else could be my voice? Nobody, that's who. Thanks Andrew"  
Kelly Myles
Click Here  to buy the book

Michelle Bartlett - Author of 'Xcalliber's Tale'

I can’t believe it! Finally, after over ten years, I’m holding my published book in my hands and it feels amazing. A huge thank you must go to my mentor – Andrew Jobling for giving me direction, guidance and encouragement after years of writing aimlessly. Joining your ‘Elite Club’ and becoming a life member is the reason I’m now holding my book!”
Michelle Bartlett
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Lucinda Rost - Author of 'Awakened By Cancer'

"Hello Andrew, Thank you for your support throughout the years!  I recall contacting you and asking if your One Word at a Time online training program was still available.  My funds were tight as I was investing in my medical needs but I was compelled to learn through you.  You quickly responded and our one day, one module at a time, journey began.  Your interactive program kept me on track with my destiny - to write a book about my experience in healing from a diagnosis of cancer.  It took 3 years to heal at which time I was ready to share my story.  Little did I know I had so much in common with your wonderful mother and her lightful spirit.  I feel she has touched us both with the union.  I am in deep gratitude for your personal guidance as I journeyed through the most important event of my life, my inner healing.  God Bless you Andrew!  I am forever thankful."

Lucinda Rost
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Marisette Edwards - Author of 'Tiger in the Dark'
"Now that my book is published (as of December, 2016), people have been asking me how long it took me to write it. I tell them: thirty years. It didn't really take that long, of course, to do the writing itself. It took that long for me to get past the things that were stopping me from moving ahead with it. In my book's acknowledgement you will find this: "my mentor Andrew Jobling inspired me to dust off the manuscript and then, with his incessantly positive attitude, dragged me kicking, screaming, and whining over and around all the obstacles I put in my own way. Without him I probably would not have gotten to the point of publication. Thank you!" Andrew helped me accomplish in 18 months what I hadn't been able to do on my own in three decades. And, bonus, now he's a friend, too!."

Marisette Edwards
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 Gemma Farley - Author of 'The Stolen God'
"I had dreamt of writing a book for many years but had never been able to get enough structure or dedication to make it happen, it seemed like it was only a dream. However, my dearest friend bought me Andrew's One Word at a Time program as a birthday present and suddenly what seemed impossible was now a reality. Working through the program I was able to learn how to break down the barriers that were stopping me, mainly ones I had put up myself and build the outline of my book. By committing to write every day even for a short time and working with Andrew through the program that outline very soon became a book which today I can now hold in my hands. A great program which helped me achieve my dream! Thank you Andrew."

Gemma Farley
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 Chris Phippard - Author of 'It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time'
"In November 2016 I received a shipment of books - My books! I felt a huge sense of pride and achievement to finally hold the book I've been working on for the past several years. I began writing my book back in 2011 but was unable to really get into the swing of putting in the necessary time and effort. In late 2013 I signed up for Andrew's course 'One Word at a Time'. The course provided me a wealth of useful suggestions on how to prepare my book, and make it more interesting and readable. I was inspired, and attacked my writing with renewed enthusiasm. There came a time when my enthusiasm dwindled, but thanks to Andrew's encouragement and belief in me, I was able to push ahead and complete the project. I am proof that anyone can achieve what they put their mind to. Sometimes we just need a gentle push, especially when that push is given by someone who has been there and recognises the hurdles we're facing. Thanks so much Andrew."

Chris Phippard
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Some more comments - Here is what some of the people on the journey are saying;


"Dear Andrew,  August 2012 I joined up for your 10 module online book writing. The purpose of this was to turn a story I had previously written into something a little (well I thought, a lot) better. I had already established a website as a consequence of my experience and journey ( The story was, of course, about my journey through tragedy and grief. I did all your exercises and really thought that it was something I wanted to do and complete.  Each week I also read and enjoy your inspiring and positive newsletters.  This message is to thank you for your materials and generosity, and let you know that it is now 'raining' for me. I no longer need to write this book. I have already written my story and gone over it thousands of times. That is just it. My story is for me, it is not necessary for others to see it. They have their own stories.  The exercise of working on an online book, even though not complete, has enabled me to finally move on after many years.  I wanted you to know that while there is no book at the end, the exercise has been a positive and successful one. Thank you sincerely."

"Dear Andrew,  I started your online course a long time ago. It had an immediate impact on me. Like water on my face. But over a year later, its positive influence is stronger than ever. I actually have habits now! I was negative, time-poor, and angry. Now I am enjoying the hard learned skill/gift of forgiveness, love, and mindfulness. I felt overwhelmed by circumstance, now I believe I can choose how I feel because I have flexed that muscle every day for over a year! So when I began your course, self-belief was such a wonderful idea that resonated with me, but was far-fetched. It has been the repeated action of taking action that created a real change. That was your message to me. You are an awesome mentor. Thank you for all your articles, even the one that made me go, "W-t-f@<* he doesn't know what he is talking about, he is such an ignorant So&so!" I am still going, so I still need them! I am a bit of a tortoise. But if you're planning on living till you're a hundred, then I should be finished before then."


"Hi Andrew, Thank you for sending Module 5. I'm super-impressed! The timing couldn't have been better, seriously. I really related to your story in this module - it helped to keep motivated and focussed on writing."

Christina, ON, CAN

"Your approach is fantastic.  You have a heart of gold, I can tell.  Thank you Andrew."
Lucia, QB, CAN

"Andrew, Thank you for holding me accountable! I dragged myself off the couch where I was nursing a cold to finish this module because I knew I had a deadline - thank you!! I know for certain that, left to my own devices, I would have procrastinated on finishing this for many more days. I feel great for having accomplished it by the deadline :-) I am ready for Module Two!! Thanks Again."

Katrina, CO, USA

"Hi Andrew. Wow module two really was a bit of a shake up!!! Very deep thought managed to cover everything I was whirring around in my brain before I started this online workshop. Congratulations! Now I'm ready for module three please :-) Many thanks"

Michelle, WA, AUS

"Thank you again! This had been awesome so far. I've started a blog to keep me writing while I finish your course and my book research. Many, many thanks..."
Marc, DE, USA

"Hello Andrew,  GREAT MODULE!!!! Please send me module 3. Can't wait to see what's next. Thanks."

Kim, CT, USA

"Andrew, thank you for providing me with the opportunity to improve my writing skills along the track towards my first publication. Your positive advice, weekly e-updates and extremely prompt response has been fantastic and this sort of support has really made me believe that I will publish my book."
Nathan, SA, AUS

"Hi Andrew. I completed module 2. I see how important it is to answer these questions to get a clear understanding of yourself and goals and what's preventing them from happening. I will probably redo the module during weekend. It was a good exercise. Thanks"

Ted, QB, CAN

"Thank you so much Andrew for providing this kick in the pants workshop. You have no idea how important this is in my life at this point in time."
Flora, MA, USA

"Andrew, your modules have greased my wheels! Now I am re writing, editing, and creating "hooks" automatically at the end of my chapters. Thank you Thank you! I'm off the BLOCKED and back on track. Much obliged. G'Day and many thanks."
DorisMae, BC, CAN

"Hi Andrew. This online workshop is really helping me prepare for writing my book. I have been in the process for years without really having direction.  So I thank you for your idea of making this workshop."

Raina, CA, USA

"Hello Andrew, Thank you for providing this course. It came Into my life at the right time. I can say my confidence is building & I have such a better outlook and understanding of the direction Im going in. I appreciate the fact you have offeredthis course. Thank you so much."
Chloe, ALB, CAN

"Andrew, I’ve already recommended your course to people and will continue to do so but mostly I wanted to say thank you.  You gave me the kick in the butt to do something I wanted but may never have gotten around to."

Don, WA, AUS

"Thank you Andrew, your ideas are incredible. I have started to believe that it is really possible. Thank you so much for your help and support."
Ludmila, ONT, CAN

"Andrew, thank you for this wonderful program. I'm enjoying it very much!"
Janna, CO, USA

"Good Afternoon Andrew, I would like to thank you for your inspiring words. I had given up on my manuscripts being published for the last year. But I have found the passion again that started and finished those two books and will now encourage me through my third. Thank you and you've done a great job :) What you are doing is great and you should be very proud of yourself for not only inspiring myself but many others who know your work and words. I hope one day too I can mentor and encourage such as you have. Thank you."

"Hi Andrew, I loved Module Three! I really took my time and delved deep into it! I am now filled with certainty that I will not only complete the book but that the book will have the desired effect on the reader! Thank you!
Shammi, NY, USA

"Having a fab time with this, please send me module 3"
Margie, NSW, AUS

"Hi Andrew, I really enjoyed Module 1. The work was simple. But it really made me think about how much I actually have read, and how and why I enjoy it, so Thank you!"

Jacqui, NSW, AUS

"Hello Andrew, I wanted to let you know I'm getting a lot out of your write your own book series. I worked in PNG when I was in my 20's so was in an out of Australia a little bit. Thanks for your work and keeping me motivated, your passion to support your clients comes through. Much appreciated."

Mary-Ann, AB, CAN

"Hi Andrew, Module two was really thought provoking and revelatory! I am ready and eager to work on Module Three!
Shammi, NY, USA

"Hi Andrew,   I am truly enjoying this is very empowering.  Thank You!

ps Just to warn you.......I've added a new goal to my list....To visit Australia with my son to take in the sights and to shake your hand.....actually I would probably hug you......"
Valerie, ONT , CAN

"Hi Andrew, Yah... I completed Module 2 today.  I REALLY enjoyed the reflective exercises in this Module & great 'food for thought' in grounding what I want to achieve in this project.  Please send me Module 3 - can't wait!"

Rhonda, QLD, AUS

"Greetings Andrew,  I hope you are having an extra incredible day!  I am finished with module 2. I feel extra energized and motivated after that!  Please send me module 3."

Amy, NC, USA

"Andrew I can't even began to tell you how Module Five has uplifted my spirit.  Like a breathe of fresh air."
Jacques, LA, USA

"Module 1 really encouraged reflection. Thank you.  Now I am really on a roll!"
"Module 2 was outstanding. Wonderful introspection. I really feel it helped me focus and get a game plan."

Ansylla, MD, USA

"Allo Andrew,  Could you please send me Module III. Btw, I must say module II was and will be very affective for anything that I decide to do. Thank you for helping me to put things into prospective and teaching about the why and the what. I truly loved Module II because I really had to break down the walls of this little word called failure, doubt, and fear. Reading what I wrote daily will help me to program new thoughts of myself and who I am slowly growing into. Module II also helped me with my children as well. A million thank yous."

Maresa-Ann, Hawaii

"Good morning Andrew. After going thru module four I was able to grasp hold of a lot of key pushes to help make the mission possible. I'm looking forward to getting it done. Thanks for the pushes. This class is such a blessing."
Jacques, LA, USA

"Hi Andrew! I've completed Module Three! I feel so good, knowing the steps I will take and I'm really looking forward to them. You are helping me so much. God bless you! I am really enjoying this course. You are a wonderful guide. Please send me Module Four when you have a minute...Thanks again."

Donna, MI, USA

"Dear Andrew,  Must say how much I am enjoying your style of Course. It is unique and very liberating. In looking through Module 3 I'm finding I'll need to look at things from a different prospective. mainly do to my advanced age of 80."
Patricia, QLD, AUS

"Hi Andrew,  I am enjoying and learning so much from your course.  The inspiration and motivation is awesome!"

Delores, MI, USA

"Hello Andrew, I am committed to completing my manuscript by the end of the year. Thank you so much for getting me on track to do something I've wanted to do for so long. I have never been able to organize my story to start writing. Excited beyond words! But I will write word at a time!"
Kelly, NH, USA

"I really loved Module Two, your approach of looking to the end results before you begin is a great inspiration.  Thank you, I am very happy I started this journey."
Jackie, OR, USA

"Hi Andrew, This is really starting to form for me. Just wanted to say Thank you! I haven't felt this much progress in a while and feel the course is really starting to work for me in ways I hadn't anticipated. I have finished Module 3 and looking forward to Module 4 now."

Mike, ACT

"Hi Andrew, That was a great module.  I've got four chapters left on my manuscript and in some ways they will be the most challenging ones to date.  Module Five has renewed my determination so thanks for sending it."
Laura, VIC

"Andrew!  I'm ready for Module 4!  This is getting fun and I'm getting into it.  Thanks for the help!" 

Fran, CO, USA

"Hi Andrew, First off thank you.  I probably told you before that writing a book wasn’t something I was going to do right away but your course didn’t work that way.  So I picked a subject close to my heart and got stuck in; it was easy then.  It just shows what can be achieved with a goal in mind and a little help from a mentor which in this case was you. I finished the book about a week ago and if I never achieve sale one I’ve done what I set out to do and it feels good at that."
Don, WA

"Hi Andrew, please find attached module 3. Please send me module 4. Getting more excited by the day! Can't wait until you read my book. Thank you for the motivation I have needed.
Nik, NC, USA

"Hi Andrew, I have been afraid of failure and it has immobilized me my entire life, so much that even the encouragement and support from others was drowned out by the voices of doubt and fear in my head.  Your writing workshop and your book is helping me (along with therapy) to see past the doubt and fear.  I started writing the first book in 1995 but halfway through I stopped, I had computer trouble and other issues.  I had to rewrite it several times but I finished it in 2009, I finished the second and started the third in the series.  I sent my query and synopsis to a agent at the encouragement of my therapist, but the agent wasn't interested. I have edited it...I lost count of how many times, but you get the picture.  I connected with a writer, the husband of a friend, and his advice has been helpful, but so far You have given me the best help yet.  I am back up and ready to ride the wave..."
Mary, MD, USA

"Dear Andrew,  I am so excited!  Tonight, I completed my manuscript!  I cannot believe I've just written 26 chapters in 4 months - Hallelujah!!  Once again, my deepest gratitude for your wonderful course and motivational articles which I read every week with great enthusiasm!"

Leonie, Johannesburg, SA

"Hi Andrew, I am so excited to begin and I am enjoying this more than I anticipated and feel that, upon completion of all modules, I will truly be prepared to publish my book!"

Dorothy ,PA, USA

"Send me module 4. I have to tell you, this is helping me so much. I was doing actual writing here and there before this, but not doing any of the other things that also need to be thought about. From these first 3 modules, I have much more motivation to really get this done and more of a blueprint on how to do it. Thanks so much!"
Kathy, WI, USA

"Hey Andrew, Module Three was great!! So helpful and insightful, it really helped me see the importance of really developing my characters and setting up a chapter planner; just having it in my head is not good enough. Thanks."

"Hi Andrew, I received Module Five today and need to say, that it couldn't have been a better day.
I was really distracted in the last couple of weeks, to be honest. Life happened. But reading Module Five gave me a kick in my backside, which was more than needed. So thanks a lot"
Sina, NSW

"Hi Andrew, I just wanted to share my excitement with you - completely because of the questions in Module one.Thank you for doing this, I am sooo excited to keep going! Again, thank you so much for your time and sharing your experiences!"
Jennifer, WA, USA

"Hi Andrew, I finished Module One. Thankyou. I really enjoyed examining why I held three particular books so highly. Congratulations on the reading you chose at the begining of module one, you set my frame of mind perfectly for the task. I was a teacher for thirty years so understand the importance of what you achieved. Thanks."

"Hey Andrew, Module 2 was great! It really made me sit down and just think about what i should have for a title and forced me to stop procrastinating on that. Thank you. I am really looking forward to the coming modules. Your course is awesome."

"Andrew, I wanted to say thanks for the perspective you are putting to me through this course. I started a writing course through The Writing School, and it went through the mechanics of 'what a story is' and how to construct something, format your work etc… But it didn't in any way prepare me for doing the actual writing side of it - the creative side. I've worked as a designer, painter, actor and musician, and for all of these could see my way from A (start) to B (finish), but for some reason it has never been clear for my writing. Despite the fact that I've been writing since I was in primary school (that was my big ambition back then - I wanted to be Colin Thiele). Your writing course is helping with the creative/practical/motivational stuff - which is, in my experience, the hard stuff."
Jude, ACT

"Hi Andrew! Thought I'd drop you a line on how I'm progressing with the modules. I have been travelling around Europe for the past 4 months and have put writing on hold. Though I am determined not to give up on writing a book. Your workshop is one of the causes of my determination. Take care and thank you for the articles!"
Klara, VIC

"Hi Andrew, I just wanted to say thank you for the really powerful exercises in Module 3. They required me to "face" a lot of thoughts and beliefs that were definitely not a helpful mindset to be in. I am looking forward to Module 4. Thanks again."
Keira, NSW

"I'm ready for the next Module! Module three was a blast, I had a lot of fun burning my negativity and gaining some positivity. I even had a witness to the death of my negativity. Haha, I loved writing out my chapter details, it's getting me so exciting! I'm so close to my dream! Eee! Thank you Andrew! I can't wait until Module Four!"
Tash, QLD

"Hi Andrew, I actually feel empowered, thank you. I only hope that when it gets published it will help other women who are in a similar situation to me feel that life has not ended but it is the start of a new beginning. Thank you for 'being there at the right time'.
Anne, VIC

"Hello Andrew.Thank you again for this amazing course - I truly am living my dream to write a book! Your guidelines & teaching are just incredible and so helpful - bless you!"
Leonie, Johannesburg, Sth Africa

"Andrew. Not quite published yet but getting closer. Your continuous words of encouragement are so helpful. I have chosen self publishing. You are so right, it is now all about the doing. I am very glad I signed on for your on line course. The information you offer us valuable and the sense of direction you offer is what kept me going. Many thanks. Almost there!"
Nancy, Pittsburgh USA

"Thanks Andrew!!! I sooooooooooooooooooo needed Module 5. I've been pretty discouraged because of long term personal issues. I've read this, shed a few tears and now I'm ready!! More positive things in my life and visualising every day the future I want to have!! Thanks!! So appreciate your encouragement!! Have a great day!!"
Alli, ACT

"Dear Andrew, I'm just loving this course so much and I'm so grateful to my sister for giving me this tremendous gift!"
Leonie, Johannesburg, SA

"Hi Andrew,  I'm so excited! Initially I had trouble doing the chapter outline for my book but I kept at it and really got into and my creativity was flowing! Having worked in a creative role for over 10 years I always thought creativity wasn't on tap. As I now have limited and set times to write (during my baby's day time naps and at night before bed) I've discovered I really can be creative on call in a limited amount of time!!! Who would have thought. I have always put off starting my book because I didn't have time. Now I have my outline, plus more ideas in writing! The hard part is done as I've got a plan. I feel like I'm half way there, even though I know I need to write the entire book! Also I made my inspiration board my desktop image. It gives me a boost and puts a smile on my face every time I see it. =) Can you tell I'm excited!?!  Anyway I'm ready for module 4, so please send it my way."
Yana, QLD


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