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What others have said about their journey:

"Dear Andrew,  August 2012 I joined up for your 10 module online book writing. The purpose of this was to turn a story I had previously written into something a little (well I thought, a lot) better. I had already established a website as a consequence of my experience and journey ( The story was, of course, about my journey through tragedy and grief. I did all your exercises and really thought that it was something I wanted to do and complete.  Each week I also read and enjoy your inspiring and positive newsletters.  This message is to thank you for your materials and generosity, and let you know that it is now 'raining' for me. I no longer need to write this book. I have already written my story and gone over it thousands of times. That is just it. My story is for me, it is not necessary for others to see it. They have their own stories.  The exercise of working on an online book, even though not complete, has enabled me to finally move on after many years.  I wanted you to know that while there is no book at the end, the exercise has been a positive and successful one. Thank you sincerely."
Jan, AUS

"Thank you so much Andrew for providing this kick in the pants workshop. You have no idea how important this is in my life at this point in time."
Flora, USA

"Dear Andrew,  I started your online course a long time ago. It had an immediate impact on me. Like water on my face. But over a year later, its positive influence is stronger than ever. I actually have habits now! I was negative, time-poor, and angry. Now I am enjoying the hard learned skill/gift of forgiveness, love, and mindfulness. I felt overwhelmed by circumstance, now I believe I can choose how I feel because I have flexed that muscle every day for over a year! So when I began your course, self-belief was such a wonderful idea that resonated with me, but was far-fetched. It has been the repeated action of taking action that created a real change. That was your message to me. You are an awesome mentor. Thank you for all your articles, even the one that made me go, "W-t-f@<* he doesn't know what he is talking about, he is such an ignorant So&so!" I am still going, so I still need them! I am a bit of a tortoise. But if you're planning on living till you're a 100, then I should be finished before then."
Joh, AUS

"Hello Andrew, Thank you for providing this course. It came Into my life at the right time. I can say my confidence is building & I have such a better outlook and understanding of the direction Im going in. I appreciate the fact you have offeredthis course. Thank you so much."
Chloe, Canada

"Dear Andrew,  I am so excited!  Tonight, I completed my manuscript!  I cannot believe I've just written 26 chapters in 4 months - Hallelujah!!  Once again, my deepest gratitude for your wonderful course and motivational articles which I read every week with great enthusiasm!"
Leonie, South Africa

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This what some members have said:

I have had the priviledge of working with Andrew as I rewrote my book and went through the publishing process. He has been amazing. He helped me through every step of the writing and publishing process and continues to help as I am beginning to market my book. The thing I was impressed and appreciated the most is no matter what question I had or where I got stuck, he had answers. Many times it was lack of confidence or belief in myself. Then, Andrew would tackle that head on and move me through to the next step.

Becky Erkkila - Aithor of What Shall I Do?




"Andrew’s success has led to my success in becoming a published author. Aubrey’s name is now in print and I’ve enjoyed the journey. Andrew has a natural talent for communicating, an amusing ability to pass on messages found in everyday situations, and a wealth of experience gleaned from his own journey to success. His aim in working with me was for me to achieve my own goals. He helped me to clear obstacles, form positive habits and assess my progress as I worked. His mentoring was valuable. For me his generosity in sharing information and resources, balanced with a totally amazing work ethic, made my journey to be a published author much easier. Andrew was never late for a skype chat, always followed through if he said he would and presented ever positive messages. Videos and workshops were packed with information from Andrew and sometimes from other professionals.He steered me through having my manuscript assessed, helped me to write a good concise synopsis and to presenting my work to various publishers in a professional manner, and to marketing suggestions.Thank You Andrew. You always answered my questions and certainly helped me to get Aub’s story into print. My rating for you as a mentor is 10/10."
Marilyn Revill - Author of Aubrey's Game


"I was lost. I had an idea and I wanted to share it with the world. I wanted to write a book, I had started and I was stuck, I didn't know what to do. I can't remember how, but Andrew Jobling came to my life. His program, his coaching and his inspiration was a pivotal step for me to be able to make my dream a reality. His program was not only a great investment into my life, I simply could not have done it without him.  I looked forward to meet him, and I had an accountability partner in him, he made me follow through with my dream. I am grateful for his teachings, and for the legacy he is leaving through all the authors he has now helped"
Monica Finazzo - Author of Living in a Being




"Andrew, I Just wanted to say how much I appreciate all you have done for me in realising this dream of a published book. Your guidance and counsel kept me on track and focussed. Writing something became a natural part of every day life for me and suddenly, there was the finished first draft. It is a tremendously satisfying feeling being a published author. Thank you for everything. I am looking forward to the next part of the journey with you as a continue to write!"
Steele Bishop - Author of Wheels of Steele





"For me there is a big difference between being a writer and being an author. I had been writing all my life, but I never would have become an author without Andrew's help. An author develops a daily habit, never gives up, knows he has a story worth telling and won't let anything get in their way to make sure it is told. Having a mentor like Andrew, who has been there and done that not only proved it was possible, but helped make it possible for ME.  Just like Andrew told me when I first started out, imagine the feeling of holding your book in your hands. Keep that picture in your mind, imagine this is you, and my book is yours and with a little help and some tenacity it will happen."
Matthew Gregory - Author of Odds and Ends



"My book ADHD-Not Just Naughty was a something I had worked on over many years, but life always got in the way, and my dream of being an author was put on that all-too-familiar backburner. Fortunately I came across Andrew’s course and it gave the motivation and incentive to pursue my writing more seriously, and to believe that finishing my book was indeed possible. With thanks to Andrew’s course, his encouragement, valuable advice and mentoring I am proud to say, with published  book in hand, that I am now an author."
Elsie Bourke - Author of ADHD - Not Just Naughty



"I initially came to learn about Andrew Jobling through an online 12-step writing program that I purchased from him in 2013.  I completed most steps and created a plan for a book I wanted to write, but life got in the way and it never went further.  When Andrew contacted me about 8 months later, he offered to mentor me one-on-one so that I might finally achieve my dream of being a published author.  The one-on-one mentoring was so valuable to keep me accountable with my writing time, to keep my big goals at the forefront of my priorities, and to keep chipping away at all of the seemingly overwhelming tasks involved in writing, editing and publishing a book.  Andrew guided me through the process and I felt I had a cheer squad behind me every step of the way.  I never believed I was a good enough writer to be a published author, but Andrew helped me to have the confidence to find my voice and keep writing.  Without his mentoring, I wouldn’t be a published author today – I’m so glad I took a chance and said yes to his one-on-one mentoring.  I feel like my journey as an author has only just begun and the future is so exciting!"
Laura Bannerman - Author of Girl Seeks Life

"I’ve been sitting on my book for years, procrastinating. Sound familiar? You know the saying, when the student is ready, the teacher appears? I made a declaration in a network meeting that I was going to write this book. Andrew was there and in his gentle manner, made sure this would happen. Andrew has supported me through my book writing journey, keeping me accountable, providing opportunities to attend workshops and connecting with other authors. Whatever book writing journey we embark on, Andrew has the contacts to guide us down our individual paths."
Pat Grosse - Author of The Intuitive Marketer



"I first met Andrew Jobling in 2014, when he contacted me via email because I had started a course with him but never finished it. He wanted to know if I was still interested in writing my book. It was a surprise because I thought it had expired, and he said “never”. So, we skyped, I joined the One Word At A Time Elite Club, and I started my very long journey in writing my book and seeing it finally published this year, 2018. During this whole process, Andrew has been there to guide me, encourage me when I was down, remind me of my goals when I couldn’t see them anymore, and answer my questions. His attitude is always one of positiveness, and when you talk to him, it is very hard not to walk away without feeling excited and energised to keep on going, one word at a time, until it is a masterpeice. Thank you Andrew, from the bottom of my heart. Without you, my book would be nothing but a mere thought floating like a cloud through my mind, never ending up anywhere but disipating into the atmosphere. I love you to pieces!"
Allison Clark - Author of I Don't Hate Me Anymore


"I have received my first batch of books and I'm very excited. Many thanks go to Andrew Jobling for his mentoring and support through the different stages of the book. Great read if I say so myself."
Rocco Caratozzolo - Author of Never Alone




"I'd like to thank Andrew Jobling for helping me in the first part of my journey. He got me started on the right path over two years ago. He was a great inspration and was instrumental  in me holding this book today. Thanks Andrew"
Mark Stecher - Author of Built to Exit






"Andrew was a huge motivational force in helping me to write my book. He was there to help me from the beginning, and thanks to Andrew, I was motivated enough to keep on track with my writing, and to complete the book."
Diana Osbich - Author of Dancing in the Rain






"I knew I had to write my book, only how was it going to come to fruition was the question. After years of using different ghost writers and several thousand pounds poorer, it didn't seem to be happening for many reasons. When I first arrived in Darwin I signed up for an online writers course. Needless to say, I never undertook the course. In desperation one day, seeing my dream of my book being written slowly slipping away, I remembered the writers course and thought "what have I got to loose", I emailed Andrew. I seriously never expected him to reply. Not only did he reply, he phoned me. I asked him advice on ghostwriters and Andrew said matter of factly "write it yourself". I thought he was mad. I knew nothing about writing. I had a story I needed to tell but I was no writer. Before I knew it I suddenly thought "why not", I didn't have much confidence and really thought I would never succeed, but with much encouragement Andrew didn't let me give up, even when I had no faith he believed in me. I have to say that there is no one more surprised than me that I am an author. My confidence has grown no end. So to coin Andrews phrase. If I can write a book then anyone can. All you need is to believe in yourself. It took me a while but I got there. So, I am forever grateful for Andrew believing in me and being my mentor."
Jo Jamieson - Author of Last Touch

"Like all
journey's I hit many bumps in the road to getting my book finished but with the help of my mentor Andrew and the wonderful support of the members of the Elite Club those once insurmountable bumps became challenges to thrive on. Work on my book had ground to a halt when Andrew reached out with the offer of a 30 minute skype session which led me to join the Elite Club, his promise that I would have a finished book by the end of that year and be on the road to publication seemed almost a pipe dream but I jumped in with both feet. By working closely with such a supportive and positive mentor who helped me overcome my own self-doubts, my book was finished within 6 months, edited and ready to send to publishers in another 2 and to my delight a publishing contract within 3 more months making my dream a reality. No one can truly tell you how you will feel holding your own book but to me it was the most awesome experience and one I know that working with Andrew and being a part of the Elite Club is what made it all come together. There is a book within all of us and I can't wait to continue on this amazing road of being a published author! Thank you for all you support and friendship Andrew!"
Gemma Farley - Author of The Stolen God


"Now that my book is published (as of December, 2016), people have been asking me how long it took me to write it. I tell them: thirty years. It didn't really take that long, of course, to do the writing itself. It took that long for me to get past the things that were stopping me from moving ahead with it. In my book's acknowledgement you will find this: "my mentor Andrew Jobling inspired me to dust off the manuscript and then, with his incessantly positive attitude, dragged me kicking, screaming, and whining over and around all the obstacles I put in my own way. Without him I probably would not have gotten to the point of publication. Thank you!" Andrew helped me accomplish in 18 months what I hadn't been able to do on my own in three decades. And, bonus, now he's a friend, too!"
Marisette Edwards - Author of Tiger in the Dark


"I can’t believe it! Finally, after over ten years, I’m holding my published book in my hands and it feels amazing. A huge thank you must go to my mentor – Andrew Jobling for giving me direction, guidance and encouragement after years of writing aimlessly. Joining your ‘Elite Club’ and becoming a life member is the reason I’m now holding my book!”
Michelle Bartlett - Author of Xcalliber's Tales




"Andrew helped me to understand that I didn't need to be an expert at punctuation or a literary genius to write my book. My stories were just that: my stories. And who knew my stories better than me? Who else could be my voice? Nobody, that's who. Thanks Andrew"  
Kelly Myles - Author of Writing Your Own Life




"Andrew, I also wanted to thank you again for enabling me to do what I have done.  Without your support, your interest and your skill I would not have started this amazing experience let alone finished it and held my book in my hand.  I am an author not by accident but because you gave me the skills and the confidence to be one.  I am an author because you, my friends and my amazing family believed that's what I could be.  I am an author - Kylie Jones - Author... how about that??  Sounds pretty darn good I have to say."
Kylie Jones - Author of The Other Woman




Who wouldn’t want a personal trainer for authors in their back pocket. I bought Andrew’s ‘one word at a time’ course and full of enthusiasm I started the course only to stop the course and my writing simply because life got in the way. For quite some time I struggled and was at a point where I really needed some help in order to move forward. Last year  Andrew reconnected with me and I took a ride in the fast lane - and I am now a published author. The feeling is absolutely fantastic! I have achieved my dream and made good on a promise to a very special person. Without Andrew’s ‘one word at a time’ course and his continued and unconditional support and encouragement, I know I would not have reached this amazing milestone in my life. Also the Elite Club has helped me, through being able to share with other aspiring authors in a safe online environment - a great support network. I have no doubt I have benefited from the course, the workshops, the Elite Club and Andrew’s uniquely motivational support process. Thank you Andrew, you are an amazing person and mentor. I have come to understand and I know right – it’s all about the journey – I got it!
Karen Guest - Author of Barefoot to Boeings

"I am thrilled to BE so close to publishing my first book. Without the support and encouragement from Andrew I know I would not be anywhere near the publishing stage. Andrew is an amazing person who is genuine, passionate and caring about every one of the aspiring authors he mentors.  You will most definitely benefit from his course, his workshops, his knowledge and his uniquely motivational support process."

Karen, QLD, AUS

"Andrew's mentoring program has made an incredible difference to my writing career. Having completed his online book writing workshop, a free Skype session popped up and I thought what harm could there be in talking to a published author? I had been struggling for about a year to connect with a publisher and had almost decided to self publish. Thanks to his mentoring, I have a contract with a publisher. Under his guidance, I have set up a Facebook page, created a website, and been invited to speak at his workshops, which has really boosted my confidence. I am still on a steep learning curve but having a mentor to help me navigate the publishing world has helped immensely. I am very grateful for his support and believe it has been the best investment I have made."
Jemma, Perth, AUS

"After one 3 hour workshop, I felt inspired and positive. Andrew's very 'real' and down to earth approach has rekindled my passion for writing and I've been thrilled to see what I can achieve in a very small time.  During one on one chats, group presentations and weekly blogs, Andrew has provided me with the motivation I've needed to make positive life changes and overcome some of the self-doubt that has been gnawing away at me for years. Many thanks Andrew!"
Nicole, Victoria, AUS

"I started writing my book back in February 2005.  Yes, that’s right, over ten years ago!  I went through stages of writing madly and then wouldn’t touch my manuscript for months and sometimes years.  ‘Life’ just got in the way.  In 2013 I joined Andrew Jobling’s course ‘One Word at a Time’ which gave me structure and guidance on how to write therefore giving me confidence to continue.

However it wasn’t until Andrew invited me to join his ‘Elite Club’ earlier this year that I’ve really progressed.  We have regular skype sessions to manage my writing and I now take accountability for my progress.  Andrew’s helped me to develop my writing into a habit and also helped me find my ‘why’ as to why I want to become an author.  I really enjoy the podcasts that are available in the ‘Elite Club’ as, for me, the topics are very relatable.

I’m happy to say that the first draft of my manuscript will be finished in a couple of weeks and my goal is to have it reviewed and ready to submit to the publishers by Andrew’s two day work shop in Adelaide next month.  I couldn’t have achieved this without Andrew or his ‘Elite Club’."
Michelle, South Australia, AUS

"What dreams are made of…  Working with Andrew is the way to make your dreams come true.  He helps you find the strength inside yourself to do it—Write the dream book that lives within you.  There have been many times that reading a book—I have thought to myself—I have a book inside of me; I can do this.  The reality of actually doing it and putting the words to paper is where Andrew’s techniques and guidance works.  He is energetic and provides the support that I needed in order to fulfill my dreams.   So stop thinking about it and make your dreams a reality—come join the One Word at a Time Elite Club"
Deb, Missouri, USA

"Since becoming a member of The Elite Club it has given me the confidence to express myself through my writing and has provided me with the support and encouragement to work towards my dream of becoming a published author."
Debbie, Victoria, AUS

"Andrew, I never for one minute thought I could write a book, I was not a writer, not good enough. I needed this book to reflect the journey of what happened to my son and how you can survive the gravest of circumstances. I needed someone that could write so I was too busy looking for ghost writers, until I contacted you. I never thought you would even get back to me never mind calling me back. You gave me the inspiration to write the book even at times when I thought I would go under. With your encouragement and the discipline and boundaries you imposed I eventually finished the book. It is now at the publishers and who knows what happens, whether it's a success or not it is still there for my grandchildren to read. I will be forever grateful to you Andrew for believing in me when sometimes I couldn't believe in myself. Thank you."
Jo, Darwin, AUS

"Andrew is one of those rare individuals who practises what he preaches; he is quite simply the most self-disciplined person I know. It has been incredibly inspiring and fun to work with Andrew, and he is always generous with his time."
Rob, Victoria, AUS

"Working with Andrew through the Elite Club has been an excellent experience. Thanks to his help, I have created more exposure for my novel through publisher contacts, and have gained valuable feedback as a result! On top of this, I've learned more about my health and well being, as well as meeting many wonderful people who share the same experiences as myself. Don't be afraid, and give it a go!"
Kris, QLD, AUS

"It is my great pleasure to recommend Andrew Jobling for the assistance he’s been to me in helping and motivating me to get back on track with the book that I committed to write sixteen….yes, sixteen years ago. Over those sixteen years I was able to find really good reasons why I couldn’t commit to write my book, and in that time I’d written just four chapters. But I did want to write this book. Andrew swept all of the excuses away and he motivated me to “make the commitment” and it’s the best thing I could have done.  When I have my book in my hands towards the end of 2015, there will be one person to thank and that’s Andrew, because he encouraged, pushed, nudged and led me along a very structured path that he’d put in place for me, and this has put me within months of my ultimate goal….my very own book."
John, Victoria, AUS

"I have been a member of the Elite Club for around a year now. Andrew has been very generous with his time and very supportive and inspirational. The events arranged have been interesting, informative and motivational. The other members you meet at events help you understand where you are in comparison to other writers while informing that you face common challenges. The content of the events is practical and proven and goes much further than just the book. I tell myself that my book would be written anyway but I am thankful that Andrew is at my side to easy the way and help me build a business beyond publication."
Chis, Victoria, AUS

"If you want a cheap course on how to write a book go to a local adult education college. If you want a place to chat to other writers about what you had for breakfast then start a group on Facebook. If you want to pay unbelievable amounts to get your book published and sent to major bookstores where it will sit unread, undiscovered and unloved, then go to one of the many self publishing companies you can find on the web.

What Andrew provides is far more than a writing course, an online chat group, or a publishing service.  He provides something which money can not buy - a personal relationship with someone who knows how it feels to be a wannabe author, but who has made it out the other side. In Andrew I have found a mentor who genuinely cares (I think he wants me to be an author even more than I do - if that was possible!). Unlike many others he is giving me the resources to achieve those things which until now have been only the stuff dreams are made of. Andrew has the keys to open all the doors.  He offers education, a support group, a publishing service.  But much more than this he offers a commitment to who you are and the dreams you have.  I feel that with Andrew as my Sherpa I can climb the tallest mountains."
Matthew, NSW, AUS



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