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This is what some of the attendees of this funshop and participants in his programs are saying:

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Learn how to write & publish your book and leverage it to live the life of your dreams ... from the comfort of your home! 

 The Ultimate Writers Funshop ~  Video Series

In two inspiring and empowering sessions you will learn:

  • How simple it is to write & publish your own book and/or 
  • How to leverage it to become a successful entrepreneur.

Purchase one part or purchase both ... depending on where you are at and what you need to take your career as a successful author and entrepreneur to the next level.


Part One - A Beginners Guide to Becoming an Author
This is a practical, inspiring, no BS and fun three part video funshop:

Video One:
(78 minutes)

  • Understanding exactly what it takes to be a successful, profitable and passionate published author.
  • Creating a vision and a picture of the things you want to do and the life you want to live
  • Building your belief that you can do it

Video Two:
(70 minutes)

  • Creating an environment for success - association & accountability
  • Develop a road-map for your book - ensure a predictable and successful outcome.
  • Getting it written ... no matter what.

Video Three:
(48 minutes)

  • Getting your finished manuscript ready for publication.
  • Self publishing versus traditional publishing.
  • What it takes to be a published author.

Part Two - From Author to Entrepreneur
This is a fun, inspiring and vision-building funshop:

Video Four:
(80 minutes)

  • How to standout from the crowd ... how a entrepreneur thinks differently to most.
  • Creating a vision for an amazing life ... that you will live.
  • Live your life with passion, totally aligned with your values and purpose.
  • How to leverage your book to create opportunities that you have never dreamed of.
  • Develop a plan, get into daily action and create success habits.

Video Five:
(88 minutes)

  • Building a captive audience, creating trust and watch sales take care of themselves.
  • The slight edge and the compounding power of daily disciplines.
  • Creating wealth through optimal wellness.
  • Love your life and run your business from anywhere in the world.
  • Leaving an impressive legacy that will live on for many generations to come.



Part One: Beginners Guide to Becoming an Author Only - $57.00

Part Two: From Author to Entrepreneur Only - $57.00

Part One & Part Two Both- $97.00

** Once purchased, and within 12 hours, you will receive access to a password protected page with videos and all supporting documents.


Enjoy becoming an author and entrepreneur from the comfort of your own home!

Live the life of your dreams.