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"Very entertaining"


"That's really refreshing"


"Great presentation to end on"


"Fun session to finish when energy is low"


"Very funny and informative"


"Enjoyed it - great speaker"


"Excellent speaker, makes sense"


"A great way to end"


"Great session"


"An energising end to the conference"


Here is what some of Andrew's clients have said (I hope it is nice!):


“GMCT were thrilled to have Andrew join us at our July quarterly staff forums to present on the power of strong teams and a culture of support through Wellbeing & Change.  Staff thoroughly enjoyed Andrew’s positive message.  His down to earth approach and vulnerability to share his personal stories with staff was refreshing and appreciated by staff.  Staff commented that Andrew’s session was the ‘best staff forum’ that they had been to. Andrew’s message of ‘you are supported, believe more, act more, be bold, ask more, take responsibility, persist, find purpose, be well and live a great life’ had a powerful impact on all GMCT staff.”

Dimi Patitsis
Chief People Officer, GMCT

"We would like to give a big thank you to Andrew for his wonderful presentation to our members on wellness. Andrew is a very in-demand speaker, so it was fantastic of him to make time to speak to our support group and we had a full-house of 80 attendees despite being held on a Winters night.

Andrew is a very passionate, informative and entertaining speaker and thoroughly enjoyable to listen to. As one of our members commented on our forum “What an awesome speaker! That was great I can’t wait to implement my health habits. Thanks for having me”.

It was special to have such a positive vibe at the after talk drinks despite the tough times many members are going through. Everyone I talked to felt motivated, supported and were having a great night. Andrew’s talk obviously made a difference.

Well done and thanks again."

Paul Davies
Organiser; Divorce Support & Scoial Group

We engaged Andrew as a guest speaker for the anniversary of our Health and Wellbeing Program.  In working with Andrew and discussing the points we were looking for in the presentation he was very obliging and accommodating.  His presentation certainly perfectly hit the mark and was very entertaining, engaging and motivating.  As attendees left the presentation there was a very positive vibe and keenness to following his ideas and practical 61 day plan format for building small habits into their day for better wellbeing”.

Gaynor Henderson
Health and Wellbeing Coordinator, Monash Health


"The presentation provided by Andrew was practical and insightful, made absolute sense in terms of the Principles used in building a healthy mindset, and their application on how to take control of your mindset. I am grateful to them both for presenting at our most recent HR Series breakfast session."

Trish Fazzino
Human Resouces, Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne


"It was absolutely fabulous to have Andrew work with us.  Woking with Andrew was so easy.  Andrew brought insight and expertise to the development of a bespoke wellness hour program that was delivered to our staff.  Andrew’s presentation to staff was inspiring and uplifting."

Jenny Cobby
Senior Manager, People & Culture, OzChild

“As part of our Health and Wellbeing Program Andrew Jobling facilitated a half-day session for employees around reviewing their long-term health and wellbeing. This was rolled out Nationally for over 200 of our employees. Andrew was able to actively engage with our staff and provide an energetic and fun session providing constructive reinforcement of ideas and learnings. The feedback from employees and managers was some of the most positive feedback I have ever received about a training session or facilitator.”

 Susan Marshall
National HR Manager - Mushroom Category, Costa Group

“Andrew inspired our members and guests by initiating ideas on how to change their fitness habits for the better. The feedback has been great and the members really appreciated his simple and effective approach to exercise. Thank you Andrew for coming and sharing your story’s with us.”

Amanda Watson
Health & Fitness Manager
Monash Aquatic & Recreation Centre

"Dear Andrew, Thank you so much for giving your time and presenting such an encouraging talk at last weekend’s conference. You had everyone involved. Many of the members wrote that your talk was a highlight of conference for them. It was just what we needed to finish our conference on a positive note."

Pat Cartwright
Australian Region Conference Program Committee Chairman
POWERtalk International


"Having Andrew Jobling present his book 'Dance until it rains' was a positive experience for my team. Being a Leader of a large network of stores it was my intention to bring a voice that aligned with all the principals of determination and achieving success. The book itself was used as a reference to align with Luxottica's ideals. The experience to say the least had a tremendous effect of my team. Andrew was able to be a motivational speaker but also to further open the minds of my team. It also supported my team in further understanding that hard work prevails "so keep dancing until it rains".

Since the workshop I have seen turning points evolve for various members who are ever so grateful that I decided to take a different approach from the usual team meetings. Team feedback was that it was the best team meeting yet that they had experienced. The results for our business have grown positively since. I have also been able to continue from the work Andrew and I did which has kept my team focused and further motivated them to deliver a strong quarter and finish the year with a bang!

We thank Andrew for his refreshing approach and I look forward to working with Andrew again next year.

I highly recommend businesses to take this approach, in particular for those who believe in their people's development will lead to great results."

Meryem Arpaci
Regional Sales Manager
Sunglass Hut & Bright Eyes
Luxottica Retail Australia.


“Andrew, it was an excellent talk. Enthusiastic. Good message. Good eye contact. From the heart"

Peter Ford
Rotary Club, Point Gellibrand


“Andrew, the overwhelming feedback was how relatable you are, a nice lay back style that is easy to listen to and absorb. Your message is simple but practical and therefore achievable. Often it is good to hear the same message but from a different perspective and from a different person. Some quotes heard around our office:
“Informative, gives clear perspective on how to achieve goals”
“Loved “eating the frog” theory – giving tools on how to tackle the difficult tasks”
“Inspirational, genuine, down to earth and practical”

Marcus Peters
Biggin & Scott Melbourne Residential


"Andrew is with his audience - he has a powerful desire to engage audience into his message"

Andrew McCallum


“Very inspiring talk. I came feeling quite flat … I left feeling motivated to make a change in my life”

Flight Centre  ... more from Flight Centre


"I found your presentation brutally honest, telling it how it is. Stirring a conviction within - nowhere to hide from you Andrew."

Simone Fraser
Travel managers, Wandin


"Good morning Andrew, Thank you for your talk to our Sales Managers. I have received positive and energetic feedback and it helped to the start of a great conference and great week. Personally, I felt most of what you spoke about, was common sense. Unfortunately we lose sight of that in a world of commercialism and trying to become sometimes, someone that we are not. I kept thinking of all the people that I know that would benefit greatly from listening to you and hope to organise another next year."

Yvonne Steel
Managing Director
Domaine Wine Shippers


"Andrew Jobling spoke on a few occasions at our 2010 Melbourne CBD Relay For Life event. At the candlelight ceremony he spoke openly and passionately about his families fight against cancer. The event went on to be the largest CBD Relay on record with 450 amazing participants raising over $70,000 for Cancer Council Victoria to use in research, prevention and support for all those affected by Cancer. We thank Andrew very much and hope that his courage in speaking about his experiences with cancer will inspire many others to do the same."

Brett O'Farrell
Relay For Life & Community Development Manager
Cancer Council Victoria


Andrew presented to a motivated group in Griffith, NSW for Breakthrough Events. This is what some of them said:

"Andrew's presentation was inspiring and timely and delivered in a manner that makes the goals seem achievable"
"Loved the presentation"
"Main message for me - keep it simple. Usually I take the all or nothing approach and it gets too hard!"
"You put a lot of things into perspective. Makes me want to start changing my ways immediately. Wonderful ideas"
"I agree with everything you have talked about. Especially the right mindset - I just need to find a way to keep the right mind set 24/7, 365!"
"Thanks for the great presentation. It was exactly what I needed at the moment - trying to get into a regualr exercise routine but was lacking the motivation"
"Well paced and well presented. Not too 'in your face', just how I prefer presentations"
"I found it very interesting and helpful"
"Enjoyed how simply it was presented ..."
"Great session and inspiring. Will implement the 6 dance steps over the next 12 months"
"Very entertaining"
"Great show, very inspiring"
"I was inspired by everything you said. So true"
"Very honest and eye opening"
"You made it simple and easy for people to make amazing changes to their lives"


"Andrew literally gave us a ‘healthy lunch’ at our Fundraising Conference in Melbourne and really hit the nail on the head when he talked about 'dancing till it rains'. There are times when in fundraising circles that we just need some motivation to simply keep at it in making a difference in the world. Thanks Andrew I am motivated and as I read your book that motivation will stay with me for a long time. Just Fantastic."

Peter Fletcher
Fundraising Institute Australia


Andrew presented to a dynamic group of businesswomen for the Manningham Women's Business Network. This is what some of them said:

"You're right, we all know what we should do, but you made it all so simple. I'm inspired, I love it and I really want to STOP procrastinating"
"Your presentation moved me to take action - great inspiration"
"The content is excellent! And relevant, and your message needs to be out there. I thoroughly enjoyed it"
"Really enjoyed the presentation. Great reminders of what I know I want to do, but that I sometimes decide not to do"
"Fantastic presentation - very informative"
"It's a wonderful way to assist in health development. You are giving rather than denying food in some of the steps"
"Very good & simple ideas on generating enthusiasm for people to change"
"Fantastic presentation - simple, no nonsense"
"I have heard Andrew speak before and I really enjoyed his presentation. Full of great practical content - no b.s. and no stories of overcoming adversity - sick of hearing those"
"Positive - interesting - great interaction with us"
"Very impressive"
"An interesting way to approach a healthy mindset"
"Very inspiring presentation"



“Our sales team spends a considerable amount of time on the road and away from their families. We wanted someone that could that would relate to our team and give them easy ways to improve their current lifestyles. Andrew spoke to them about their health and improving their wellbeing whilst travelling. His advice was sound and logical and easy for them to implement. It was refreshing that he didn’t just tell them they should change their diet and exercise more. I would recommend Andrew as a conference speaker to any group wanting to find a fun and interactive way to help their employees improve their health for the future”.

Meaghan Ryssenbeek
Marketing Services Manager
Gallagher Australia


“Andrew Jobling, a corporate speaker who played 24 senior games for The St Kilda Football Club between 1981 and 1987 in an era when St Kilda dominated the bottom of the ladder certainly knows how to deliver an empowering and engaging speech about the motivation behind high level, ‘RAISE THE BAR’ type goal setting. His Kieren Perkins story had the hairs on the back of my neck standing at attention. When Andrew spoke about success principles and his own inspiration, sharing raw and brutally honest stories of his past, including the death of his beloved mum and the heartbreak of being dropped by St Kilda the room was completely and utterly silent, and there weren’t too many dry eyes either. Thank you Andrew Jobling presenting to my team your fun, dynamic and passionate speech that will remain with the Positive Training Solutions team for years to come.”

James Grima
Positive Training Solutions


"Dear Andrew, I am writing to say thank you very much for your continued support, dedication and perseverance with presenting at the NSW Congress last week. Your session received great feedback from the delegates that I spoke with, and I wanted to share that with you. I just wanted to personally thank you once again. I am delighted to have met you personally and you have been an inspiration to many within CPA Australia and across the membership body. I admire the dedication you have shown to not only attend the NSW Congress event, but also prepare a great presentation which was highly informative, inspirational and entertaining at once"

Ameer Soliman
Product Development Executive


"Andrew presented seminars for us with the title of 'Live By Choice'. The vast majority of the Baulderstone staff were inspired and empowered to make positive changes in their lives. Thank you Andrew"



"Andrew Jobling gave an inspirational talk to business operators attending the Launch of the MCEI Marketing Awards.
You would think business people entering awards would be both motivated and goal orientated - but Andrew inspired them to 'dig deeper' and put them in a mindset of taking their self motivation to a new level of awareness - in all walks of their life.

Andrew has a very approachable method of delivery for his message that is both passionate, profound and delivered with a sense of humour.

Some attendees could not sleep when they got home as they were on such an inspirational high!"

Barbara Gabogrecan
Marketing Communications Executives International (MCEI)

Some other members of MCEI had this to say:

"Good presentation - really engaging style"
"Your time was way too short!"
"Very inspirational and made it all seem so achievable"
"Really appreciated your generosity in sharing from the heart"
"Very inspiring"
"Really good speaker"
"Excellent! Very inspiring"
"It was a refreshing approach to goal setting. Thank you"
"great talk that has re-energized me after a long day/week/month/year! Thank you"
Great presentation"
"Very motivating and engaging"
"I have achieved much positive change and overcome adversity. I have also stopped and this presentation re-awoke a desire for change - it made my stagnation clear to me"


Andrew and Lauren Di Bartolo presented their Being Well In Style Workshop for women. This is what some of those superchicks said about this workshop:

"Second time around was just as good as the first. I feel re-motivated to focus on goals and make them into habits"
"A fantastic and inspiring day. Given me much to think about"
"I think the two topics go well together and were presented well"
"I loved both sessions - I found some of Andrew's session personally challenging, but it made me re-think a lot of things"
"Fantastic day! I had fun and felt comfortable and I am inspired to make today the day to create the change I want!! Thanks guys"
"So good I want to drag friends by the scruff of the neck to participate at the next workshop"
"The workshop helped me understand that being negative visually and emotionally is very demeaning. I will walk out of here with my head held high and know that my health will be achieved by my set goal on 1st January 2010. I feel empowered"
"I loved both sessions - I found some of Andrew's session personally challenging, but it made me re-think a lot of things"
"I enjoyed the sessions very much. I look forward to getting more one on one info"
"Awesome great day - both adding huge amounts of value for everyone"


Andrew presented to a energised group in Brisbane for Breakthrough Events. This is what some of them said:

"Excellent presentation. The most down to earth I've seen for a long time"
"Very good delivery"
'Natural, engaging, approachable - a very good presenter"
"Love the dance! I will start today"
"Excellent! Great Speaking"
"Nice to see a program that will get long term results with small steps"
"Some amazing statistics with a strong underlying message"
"Genuine and purposeful - a catalyst for change. Thank you Andrew, I wish you well in your goal of selling 1 million books"
"Thank you. A timely reminder of several areas I need to revisit"
"Excellent presentation"
"Exremely informative"
"The most profound thing I learned was to 'get emotional about your goal'
"Refereshing, dynamic approach"
"i am happy to say I am more motivated to do someting about my health"

Andrew presented to a motivated group in Wagga Wagga for Breakthrough Events. This is what some of them said:

"Good balanced presentation. Great analogies to impact the everyday person. Well done!!"
"Everything Andrew said was very relevant and it's true that it is all about the right mindset"
"Great. I really liked the 'reduction to the ridiculous' method"
"Such simple and practical info is greatly appreciated"
"Should have played for Hawthorn. Session was very informative and empowering"
"Made me get motivated again!"
"Simple message, well presented"
"Great presentation. Thank you"
"A great collection of information - a relatable way to present it that is true to life"
"Simple but effective"

"Thank you Andrew for being a part of the 2009 VECCI Human Resources Conference.  Your presentation 'Dance Until It Rains' was inspirational, relevant and entertaining.  A great way to finish off the day!  It was a pleasure working with you.  Keep spreading the ‘healthy’ word."

Caroline Potter
Project manager, Business Services - events


Andrew presented 'Dance Until It Rains' to the members and guests of the Australian Institute of Management. This is what some of them said:

"Very good at explaining"
"Great speaker" 
"Interesting, topical and enjoyable"
"Very interesting and made me feel motivated after this presentation"
"Good presentation style"
"Very well presented with humour and useful information to use in life
"Great Q & A session"
"Found the speaker very inspirational and gave a excellent presentation"
"Great motivational session"
"Very entertaining and motivational"
"Fantastic, a great topic that was really well presented"
"The motivation section was great"
"I didn’t realise the content of the speech until it started, but found it really worthy"
"A real eye opener - thanks"
"Extremely interesting and informative, the discussion could have gone longer"
"Prepared session content very good"
"Very positive presentation and engaging"
"Very well presented and very good choice of topic"


"Andrew agreed to present for just 15 minutes in a very full program. His infectious positive nature and ability to tell a story was a perfect addition to the presentation entitled ‘say no to doom and gloom’. Andrew enabled the marketers present to refocus on how they can respond positively in a time of economic uncertainty.  He had them with him from ‘hello’ and stayed to chat about the possibilities of positive thought."

Lin Windram
General Manager
Australian Marketing Insitute


Andrew presented to the International Coaches Federation (ICF) in Melbourne:

"Simple messages, powerfully presented, good use of humour - Andrew made me feel that it would be easy to commit to at least one thing to improve my wellbeing. Thanks Andrew - very inspiring"


For more feedback and comments from members of the ICF click here


Andrew presented to a group of Lawyers in Melbourne:

"Andrew was fantastic. His session was well presented, easy to understand and engaging"


For more feedback and comments from these Law participants click here


Andrew presented his 3 hour workshop to members of
the Victorian Public Sector Continous Improvement Network (VPS CIN):

"Andrew is an inspirational and fun speaker. He explains how easy it is to make simple changes in achieving your own personal goals for you and your family's health and lifestyle. Now I can't wait for the second book. Cheers!!"


To find out what some of the other participants said, click here


Andrew spoke to 250 people at the Breakthrough Breakfast at the Crown Palladium in Melbourne. Here is what some of them said:

"Bloody Brilliant! I loved your concept of translating facts and figures into reality
"Great speaker"
"Well done Andrew, that was brilliant"
"Good approach. Didn't treat the audience like idiots"
"Well balanced presentation, well groomed. Got my attention, on the money & action plan"
"Good presentation, very professional"
"It was great"
"Fabulous, very informative"
"You have inspired me to stick to my health and fitness goals"
"Great Andrew, reality check and common sense put to us in different and informative way"
"It was sincere, catchy, relevant, absolutely right - it's not the goal but the reason"

Click here to find out what Danielle Storey from "I am Motivated" and The Cartridge Family thought.


Andrew presented his  "Live Lean & Live Strong" seminar to 130 members of the VPS CIN:

"What a great motivational seminar. I feel very invigorated and motivated when I came back to work and I found the approach that Andrew uses very practical. What he said was easy to digest and to pass onto other colleagues, friends and family. I think there should be more of these kinds of seminars across the whole of government to help promote work/life balance. All of the information seems very logical and it’s funny how the little things in life can make a big difference."  Donna  

"Thanks for a great session. I came away feeling good about myself rather than feeling gulity about all the things I should be doing but I’m not. It was very positive and I have started dancing and I plan to keep dancing for the rest of my life. Even though I already do some of Andrews dance steps I plan to add some more over the coming months and to keep doing them. Small changes are easy to incorporate into a busy life and they become part of your everyday lifestyle. I have even started passing on some of Andrews tips to people I work with. Thanks again Andrew and thanks to the CIN for organising the seminar."  Lynn

"Andrew’s talk is one of the best presented by the VPSCIN. Andrew is a great speaker, very engaging and obviously knows his stuff. He has no doubt given such talks many times, yet he was so fresh in his approach. I really found him inspiring. His positive and well balanced attitude to wellbeing and life in general was like a breath of fresh air. It was interesting to hear how his attitudes had changed since his days as a personal trainer. Thanks for bringing Andrew to us."   Ros

To find out what others members of the VPS CIN thought click here.


Andrew spoke to the Financial Institutions Remunerations Group (F.I.R.G.) It was the last session of a intensive 2 day conference. Here are some of the comments from participants:

"Good vibe for the last session, funny but with a serious message"
"Well known material but always brings home the truth"
"Very entertaining"
"Very engaging"
"That's really refreshing"
"Great presentation to end on"
"Fun session to finish when energy is low"
"Very funny and informative"
"Enjoyed it - great speaker"
"Excellent speaker, makes sense"
"A great way to end"
"Great session"
"An energising end to the conference"
"Well pitched, good for last slot, good speaker with practical take aways"
"Good opportunity to hear about this and presentation had a lasting impression"
"Good way to end the final day"
"Great finish to the program and certainly makes you think"
"Good presentation and relevant for the importance of well being"
"Great end to the conference, humorous and effective, good messages for everything"
"Good speaker with nice energy for the end of the day"
"Entertaining and uplifting – especially at the end of the day"
"Very good, very challenging, well balanced approach , good humour"



"At Russell, one of our values is having a genuine focus on our people, including family, community and personal goals. With this in mind we embarked on a journey to provide the opportunity for all Associates to improve their Health and Wellbeing. Enter Stride Sports Management and Andrew Jobling. Over the last six months Andrew and the team at Stride have made a significant mark on this organization. Andrew's empowering presentations, knowledge and incredible passion for the subject have enabled change for many people. Anecdotal stories I hear from Associates reinforce the positive effect that the Stride program and Andrew have had on our organization and on individuals. Some have taken just small steps, others significant weight loss and increases in energy and wellbeing.Everyone is still dancing at Russell!"

Scott Ide
Head of Human Resources, Australasia
Russell Investment Group

"Andrew,I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks for giving your speech at our launch of our 8 Week Challenge.  Something amazing happens when you’re in a room full of people simultaneously engulfed in an inspirational talk like that: you buy it.  You take it on board, you let it sink in to a deeper level of consciousness, and you commit yourself to implementing the knowledge gained.  The energy in the room changed as soon as you started your talk – people were engaged and switched on, and the effect of this has been that they have maintained a positive focus that will stay with them through the challenge and well beyond.  Your presentation was so much more than just another pep talk; you pushed a button in their minds that allowed them to eradicate their barriers to a healthy lifestyle and find a reason that is strong enough to create lasting change.  Also thank you for your generosity donating the proceeds of your book sales to our fundraising for our Relay for Life (Cancer Council) event.  It was a pleasure to have you here, and one that many will never forget."

Vanessa Cook
Inner Balance Personal Training

"Andrew’s information session on how to live lean and live strong was very informative. His interactive presentation skills engaged the participants and left them with simple strategies to use for leading a healthier lifestyle. It was quite refreshing from most typical health sessions, Andrew gave the participants easy to understand steps that were very practical. The session really opened participants eyes - making small changes today can help you establish and maintain a healthy mindset and lifestyle for the future. Thanks"

Amy Clayton
Human Resources Advisor
Infosys Australia


"Andrew came and presented to our business one lunchtime. The environment we work in is one that is extremely pressurized, where long hours are worked and a lot of client entertaining takes place, so to get lunchtime where we were all together was a challenge in itself. Andrew’s talk was one of the most inspirational and engaging talks I have had the pleasure to hear. What he did was to take things back to its core and build the layers back up and put everything into real terms. He started by saying ‘if you just take one thing out of today and use it, I’ve done my job’…….. What was that one enlightening thing that changed for me after the session with Andrew? Well I get up and have breakfast with my son before going to work. My energy levels are up and I would struggle to go back to what I did before. I found the results amazing and so asked my colleagues if they had done one thing different after Andrew’s talk…….two are walking to work everyday whilst others are having breakfast within 30 mins of waking up. The change has been fantastic and no doubt our output will increase.
I cannot recommend Andrew and his inspirational talk enough."

Matthew Frost
Gemmell Ovenden Walsh


"Andrew came to speak with our firm's personnel towards the Christmas period, when we were all tired and run down from a busy year, looking forward to the holiday period. Andrew was able to motivate the Madgwicks staff to action with the real truths about diets, how to eat healthily and still enjoy our favourite indulgences. The case studies he used were excellent examples, which encouraged staff to make a lifestyle change. Andrew's engaging and motivational presentation to our staff helped them set the wheels in motion for those new years resolutions to create new healthy habits for 2008!! Thanks Andrew !!!!!"

Rebecca Woodward
HR Manager
Madgwicks Lawyers


"At D&B, we are committed to assisting our associates to learn, grow and contribute in both their personal and professional lives. Andrew presented to a lunchtime session of 25 and used a great conversational style to make the topic relevant and meaningful. Particularly pleasing was that people were able to take away 2-3 practical strategies to help them change their behaviour, which was really important."

Padam Chirmuley
Director - Organisational Development
Dun & Bradstreet Australia


"Andrew's presentation was informative and inspiring. We are grateful for Andrew for providing us with the simple compelling reasons for making changes and the steps to make those changes. We left the presentation with greater knowledge and confidence on how to live healthier."

Damian Murphy
Head of Vic & Tas
BT Financial Group

"Andrew has a great, relaxing presentation style delivering his content in a fun and easy to understand format. Not only does he educate you on the importance of being healthy but he gives you an insight into how to set goals and how not to miss them. When it comes to weight loss, motivation is a huge component and Andrew certainly knows how to do this. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and would highly recommend this to anyone. Even if you think you are healthy!!!"

Kirsty Robbie
Les Mills Asia Pacific Presenter/Trainer


"Given the time demands of a modern life, too many health plans requiring too much micro management fail. Andrew has a good, achievable formula, well expressed, for living happy fulfilled lives. Thank you Andrew"

Gerard Max
Melbourne Sales Director
Multi Channel Network


“Thanks again for your informative and energetic presentation at our Safety Day. The 75 attendees thoroughly enjoyed your lifestyle message and passionate enthusiasm. The session was an excellent fit for Rohm & Haas wellness message, but took it to a different level, what to eat, when to eat and stress management. You provided practical information that empowers everyone. A number of employees have since made favourable comments about your book and many of your recipes have been attempted. Workplace discussion about the day, your book and GI indexes confirms that you made a positive impact. Congratulations and good luck,”

Mark Kershaw
Manufacturing Manager
Rohm & Haas Australia Pty Ltd


"Andrew Jobling - a breath of fresh air!! The training team at Whitbread Insurance Brokers decided to do something which was left of field and not work-related. It was to conduct a session on nutrition, and we discovered Andrew Jobling. The topic chosen was Eat Chocolate, Drink Alcohol and be Lean & Healthy. It was a great success, with about 55 staff in attendance. Andrew's presentation was easy to follow. His passion and enthusiasm about the benefits of eating not only as a means of survival, but as something that can be enjoyable if you follow some simple guidelines were inspirational. A highlight was a change of attitude and a 'buzz' around the office about what staff eat, drink - and how they live their lives.
Comments made by staff were :
"Great to have someone who does not lecture you."
"Easy to follow and appeals to all age groups, regardless of gender, age or fitness levels."
Andrew certainly had a message that is life-changing. We wish him success, and we at Whitbread will be using his services again.

John Paul Whitbread
Whitbread Insurance Brokers


"I was privileged to be MC at the NIBA (National Insurance Brokers Association) breakfast conference. Andrew Jobling presented 'Eat Chocolate, Drink Alcohol & Be Healthy' which combined a great health and fitness message with a terrific depth of knowledge of nutrition and food. His handouts and clear advice allowed participants to take away practical hands-on information. I started to make changes to my eating habits straight away and he was right -it works. So many presenters do only that - present. Andrew empowers people to actually make sensible changes to their lifestyle. His breezy style and vitality showed that he actually practises what he preaches. One of the most enlightening and valuable conference sessions I have attended."

Martin Walker.
Business Arts Associates Pty Ltd.

"We had a lot of interest in Andrew's session entitled 'Eat Chocolate, Drink Alcohol and be Lean & Healthy'. In fact on the day, over 50 employees attended the session and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The session was interesting, entertaining and informative. Employees left with a real sense of how to improve their eating habits and their overall lifestyle. I'm certain employees will be talking about this session for days to come and I know that those who couldn't make it are filled with regret!"

Michelle Hayward
General Manager, Human Resources
NIKE Pacific Pty Ltd

"Andrew Jobling gave us that much needed break from the business side of our planning weekend. The blend of deep knowledge about fitness, nutrition and wellbeing and the practical, team based activities were thoroughly enjoyed by all of the team."

Neil Wilson,
Managing Director
Charter Wilson Information Technology

"Andrew Jobling made the day a real success at Floriana's year end sales briefing. Our sales team needed a lift to take us into the peak sales season. After a long day reviewing trading results and absorbing technical details on all the new season products, Andrew's session gave us just the lift we needed. Andrew energised the group and at the same time passed on some very practical tips about how to help our bodies through another tough sales season - what's more it was all a lot of fun."

Catherine Wall,
Sales & Marketing Director
Floriana Pty. Ltd. - Nurserymen/Wholesalers

"Ever since I saw Andrew Jobling in regards to my diet, I haven't felt better. On court I feel fantastic, my energy always remains at a high level and I can easily last a whole game of netball at full pace. The G.I. eating plan has enabled me to become leaner, and helped me to survive a full day of work and training without feeling tired or the need for a quick sugar fix ? Thanks Jobbas?"

Bianca Chatfield
Australian Netball Player &
Melbourne Phoenix Premiership Netball Player

"When I come home after a 200km training ride I can barely walk, talk or think. Thank goodness there's always an Andrew Jobling approved meal in the fridge - preparing a nutritious meal for myself has never been easier.  Andrew has shown me an alternative way of eating and fuelling my body. My energy levels during training and racing have never been so stable. Andrew is my secret weapon!"

Kristian Snorrason
Champion cyclist

"Andrew Jobling's unique approach to food and passion for healthy eating is first class. Talking to Andrew regularly has been both educating and enjoyable. If you want to improve your personal health & fitness and you enjoy great tasting genuinely healthy food I strongly recommend you give Andrew a call"

Luke Darcy
Former Champion AFL Footballer
Western Bullogs

"G'day Coach here..from Melbourne Australia.
Before I discovered Andrew Jobling I was a pasty sickly weakling that didn't know the difference between basmati rice and potatoes with sour cream.
When Jobbas tried to convince me that healthy food with a low glycemic level index (look it up, it's really important if you don't want to blow out into a fatty) not only tastes good but it was good for you I immediately went out and had a dirty great cheezey pizza. Since then I have changed my wicked ways and have developed the kavorka, strange sexual powers that only a healthy body attracts. A great man once said to me "sometimes to not know where you are going is the best way to get somewhere you've never been". Jobbas will get you there. Coach out !!!!!!

The Coach
Sports Communicator


"We were lucky enough to have the involvement of Andrew Jobling at our recent conference at Cammeray Waters, Woodend 2003. His workshop on 'Eat Chocolate, Drink Alcohol and be Lean & Healthy' was a highlight and well received by all. A true testament to the impact he had on the team was the incessant conversation over lunch and the remainder of the day about the GI index and healthy living. Even now, a week later I am still being asked about different ideas for eating using this plan. Many are very motivated to really make some long term changes.
Thank you Andrew for your inspiring presentation and I wish you every success in the future". 

Merryn Howell,
Regional Sales Manager,
Merck Sharp & Dohme

"Andrew's ability with a microphone gives Karaoke a whole new meaning! His voice is not great but his enthusiasm and totally misguided perception of his own ability gives him a charisma that cannot be questioned."

Andrew's Dad


The last week was an amazing week for me. As you may have heard me say, or write about, my determined mission is to create a wave of wellness all around the world. I have been working very hard, with the release of my latest book, The Wellness Puzzle, to get my message out though; radio interviews, book sales and speaking opportunities. So, as a result of this work, in just the last working week, I have done; two radio interviews, two book launches, spoken three times for two companies, and spoken five times in three schools. I have spoken to well over 750 people from Monday to Friday last week. It has definitely been a wonderful week, living on purpose.

On Tuesday, I was arriving at a school to speak to their year 9 students. I had spoken to the year 7’s and 8’s in previous weeks, so I was starting to know the school and some of the students. As I walked to the main office to sign myself in, I walked past a group of students who had obviously been in one of the previous sessions I had presented. As I got closer, I overheard one of the students say something about me. He said to his friends, ‘Hey, there is the positive man.’ As he said it, I smiled, I turned and said hello, and, I kept walking to the reception area.

As I was signing into the school, I was still smiling, and deep down I felt really good. Why? Well, If I am going to be seen in a certain way, and if I’m going to be called anything by a group of teenagers, ‘the positive man’ is better than many of the other ways they could have described me. I like being known as ‘the positive man’. It sure beats the alternative! That comment was gratifying in several ways. Firstly, it was an indication of how I was perceived by a group of people, and, that I was authentic in what I was telling them. Secondly, it was evident that my message was getting through, because it was several weeks after I had presented to this particular group, that the comment was made. Thirdly, it made me feel happy and proud deep inside, because being ‘a positive man’ is something I have been working on for many years, and, I haven’t always acted or been referred to that way. It was recognition that all of my hard work and focus were paying off, and, it was another reinforcement to me that we all need to be recognised on a regular basis.


The benefits of positivity…

I don’t know where you are currently sitting on the positivity spectrum, but I would like to encourage you to work and strive become known as ‘the positive man or woman.’ The moment you can start to swing over to a more positive outlook on your life, and the things that happen in it, is the moment your life will change for the better, forever. I want to share with you just three reasons how being ‘a positive man’ benefits me, and why being ‘a positive person’ will help you in your life.

You will live a longer & healthier life.

I have spoken many times, ad-nauseum to be precise, about the impact our emotional state has on our physical health and wellbeing. When we are happy and more positive, our immune system, DNA and brain capacity improves, and, our body produces hormones that lead to better wellbeing. I have previously mentioned the study that was done on 50 people who lived happily and joyfully beyond 100 years of age. The common thread, to their healthy longevity, was not sensible eating or regular exercise, as many would have expected. Instead, it was; gratitude, positive thinking and forgiveness. Positive people live longer, happier and healthier lives. That’s not a bad place to start!

You will have more friends and impact more lives.

Think about this; who would you rather hang around, happy people or cranky people? Now, think about this; which type of person has a more profoundly positive impact on your life? I’m sure you came to the same conclusion I did. I would much rather hang with positive, happy and encouraging people than those who criticise, complain and make excuses. My mother has been dead for more than 15 years yet she continues to have a positive influence on my life, every single day. Her attitude, as she dealt with a life-threatening disease, inspires me every day. As a result of her positive and solution-minded focus she outlived a two-year death sentence by 15 years. I will forever be impacted by her and my life is better because of her. Can you think of people who have had that same inspirational impact on your life? Would you like to be that person for others? I know I would.

You will overcome challenges and create more in your life.

A positive person has the attitude that; things don’t happen to them, instead, things happen for them. They believe challenges come to help them learn, change and grow. A positive person doesn’t see a problem, instead, he or she sees a gift. Once solved and unwrapped, the gift is there to be enjoyed… the bigger the problem, the greater the gift. My mother was faced with secondary cancer in her liver and a life-expectancy, from the time of diagnosis, of two years. She looked at her problem and decided it would be a gift. She found solutions, she learned valuable lessons, she made significant changes, developed powerful habits, became a happier, healthier person, and, if that wasn’t enough, the gift she received was an additional fifteen years of joy, love, inner peace and travel. I know for a fact that I have overcome more, learned more, persisted more and achieved much more in my life because of the positive outlook I have chosen to nurture.    

Honestly, I could list many more benefits of choosing to be ‘a positive man or woman’, but then, you already know them, right? You just need to make the decision that you will start to change the thoughts you create in your own mind. It will be the best decision you will ever make. I will carry the label of being ‘the positive man’ around with me with pride, knowing that as a result of my own positivity, I will live an extra abundant life and have a far more profound impact on the lives of others. I like being known as ‘the positive man’!

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