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Andrew Jobling

Andrew Jobling is a 53 year old kid with passion and energy to burn!

A former and very unlikely professional footballer. A happily retired and ex-obsessed personal trainer and fitness professional. Now an accidental and passionate author and speaker.

He has almost 30 years experience in education, fitness, health and nutrition. Author of six books including the bestselling ‘Eat Chocolate, Drink Alcohol and be Lean & Healthy’  & ‘Simply Strength’, he spends his time sharing the secrets that have changed countless lives.
Jeanette Tatton
Jeanette Tatton loves the work that she does, teaching others how to move with ease and to find true posture. She was introduced to pilates during time as a classical ballet dancer,  which naturally evolved from simply enhancing my own strength and conditioning to teaching. Now 8 years in, she works with AFL teams, personal trainers, rehabilitation, diastasis healing, pre post pregnancy and educating at schools for the younger population.
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Learn how to piece together the ... 

Wellness Puzzle





Are you ready to:

  • Blow off lethargy & power through the day full of energy?
  • Bounce out of bed every morning excited about a new day and a new adventure?
  • Feel confident, productive, unstoppable and supported?
  • Naturally and automatically make good eating & exercise choices?
  • Be totally free from allergies, illnesses, niggles, colds, flus, and anything else that holds you back from being the best you can be?
  • Have better quality relationships with people you care about?
  • Be more, have more and do more in your life?

Are you ready for optimal wellness?


A puzzle isn't complete until the last piece is in place, and ...

Your wellness can only be optimal when all the pieces are in place.

Are you ready to learn the seven pieces of the wellness puzzle?

 If so, this seminar is for you!

You will:

  • Understand why you were born to be lean, energised, healthy and successful.
  • Understand the seven pieces of the puzzle to get you back to being lean, energised, healthy and successful!
  • Understand the power of mindset, the right nutrition, appropriate movement and some things you have probably never considered ... things that are impacting your heatlh every second of every day.
  • Learn how simple it is to introduce and benefit from each one ... immediately.
  • Learn how environment shapes you health.
  • Develop your own personalised plan and take control of your wellness
  • Begin a journey that will last a long, happy, prosperous and healthy life


Monbulk, Victoria:

When: Wednesday August 22, 6:30-8:30pm

Where: 68 Main Rd, Monbulk.

Investment: includes; seminar, and healthy snacks.

Pay on or before August 15 - $29

Pay after August 15 - $39

Flyer download: click here


Seminar Option


See you at this inspiring seminar, so you can get ... 


Get the complete picture