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Inspired & resilient teens, and, an energised school and community?


It's a long time since I've been a teenager, but I can tell you with certainty that the life I live today is the result of the 'talk' which occured when I was in my teens. The 'talk' I had with my peers, the talk I had with my parents, the talk I had with teachers and people of influence, most importantly, the 'talk' I had with myself.

The work I do with many adults is frustratingly fruitless, because they have been so conditioned by their own 'teen-talk', over so many years, that change, whilst not impossible, is significantly more difficult.

The time to set-up an amazing life, have a lasting impact and create generational change, is as a teenager!

My unlikely career as a professional athlete started with 'teen-talk'. The truth is, it's not that I believed I could be a professional footballer, I just didn't know that I couldn't. That naive belief and innocent action put me on a path that has led me to finding my purpose, living with passion and loving my life. Every teenager has the potential for greatness, if they listen to the right 'talk'!

Andrew will;

  • Entertain, educate and empower students to dream more, believe more, do more and achieve more at school and in life.
  • Focus on self-esteem, self-belief, resiliency, respectful relationships, goals and transitioning to a successful life after school.
  • Inspire staff and parents, even more, to help and equip teenagers to be the best they can be.
  • help teens develop great habits to create optimal wellbeing for themselves and their future families, for generations to come.
  • Encourage and equip aspiring writers to become successful published authors.

Andrew can;

  • Deliver one-off Presentations for assemblies, classes and year levels.
  • Fit in with existing curriculum and programs to add value and bring new perspective.
  • Develop and deliver workshops and/or ongoing programs to establish positive long-term change.
  • Work with any levels, year 7 to 12.
  • Work with aspiring authors and/or in conjunction with other writing classes or groups.



“Our Year 9’s enjoyed Andrews practical, no nonsense, down to earth advice and he inspired them to really strive for excellence in their chosen dream, and to set and achieve their goals through hard work, determination and resilience.”
Kati Recinos
Bounce Co-ordinator and Learning Specialist
Ringwood Secondary College

"Hi Andrew, you recently came to my school and gave a very inspirational presentation to my year level (8). You inspired me to work even harder this last week and incredibly I have achieved my goal of gaining a place in my school’s select entry class!! I am thrilled to have achieved this goal today and I wanted to express my appreciation to you for sharing your techniques and insights into realising personal goals. With many thanks."
James Lonnen
Year 8 Student
Koonung Secondary College

"On Monday 17 June, ex-AFL Footballer, author and speaker Andrew Jobling visited the Year 11s for a Tutorial workshop. Students were lucky to have a visit from Jobling, who ended up as a professional senior football player for the St Kilda Football Club, as well as “accidentally” becoming an author.

Jobling spoke to students about resilience and perseverance in an interactive workshop, where excited students contributed their goals and exactly how they plan on reaching them.

One key thing students learnt was the ‘T.E.A.R.S’ Principle, which encourages us to keep trying and enact a plan, in order for us to achieve our goals.

“I really enjoyed Andrew’s Tutorial session! He engaged us all and made us all feel valued for our goals, whether they were ‘small’ or ‘big’ ones,” said Finn Deacey, Andrew House.

Another student, Oscar Bernet, Rutter House, said “It was a really inspiring session, and something I can actually look back on and will have value for my future.”

Nathan Gunn
Year 11 Comms Leader
Eltham High School

"Andrew recently presented to our Year 7 students and parents. His session was informative and engaging and feedback from students and parents was positive. Sharing his own personal journey as a former AFL player which lead to a career as an ‘accidental author’, had both adults and students captivated and engaged. Andrew introduced his TEARS of Joy model which explores the connection between positive thoughts, creating positive emotions which leads to action, routine and success. He lead parents and students through an activity where they identified personal goals, how these goals could make them feel and action steps leading to success. Both parents and students reported they enjoyed the session and were motivated to act on the goals they set.’'
Shelli Trewhitt
School Counsellor/Psychologist
Peninsula Grammar


'Hi Andrew,Thanks heaps for coming out to our school, the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I believe some key messages taken away were, ‘feeling inspired and how important it is to keep trying no matter what’'
Karina Murphy
Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator
Greensborough College

"The year eleven students had the privilege of meeting and hearing from retired football star turned author Andrew Jobling. He provided a motivational seminar which consisted of lifestyle coaching and interactive activities. The event revolved around the concept of success and how to reach our goals. I particularly enjoyed the portion of the session where we were given pieces of paper and asked to trade with our classmates, and write compliments about each other. The result was a full list of nice things we can read to ourselves when we are feeling down. Andrew encouraged us to see success as an outcome of our actions, and tailored his speech to make it relevant to our future studies or employment prospects. He concluded the event by giving us copies of his books and personalised autographs."

Year 11 Student
Ashwood High School

"As part of our Positive Education Program, our Y9 students had the opportunity to work with Andrew around the topics of Positive Purpose and the role resilience and goal setting plays within that. Year Nines are no easy task to engage on a Friday afternoon, but he had them captivated, involved and planning their futures. His genuine knack for storytelling, without sugar coating the realities of his successes, hooked the kids and gave them something to connect to – having a purpose and deciding on the action you are taking to achieving it. Thank you – we look forward to having you back!"
Kel Montano
Leading teacher - literacy & positive education
Geelong High School

Andrew ran a series of well-being sessions with some of our Year 8 students in term 2, as part of our Active Community Program. I found him to be professional, punctual and efficient. He provided structured, organised and interesting sessions to our students including topics such as Health, Nutrition, Exercise, Relaxation and Mindfulness. He also ran a very interactive and engaging cooking competition with another group of Year 8 students at the end of term. I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew Jobling to any other school or organisation."
Natalie Kurelja
Head of faith & well-being
Balcombe Grammar School


"Parents and Students loved Andrews down to earth examples of persisting in life. Andrew was challenging and entertaining. All who attended left inspired and with strategies for helping their children in life."
Gavin Ferrier
Assistant Principal
Cheltenham Secondary College

"Andrew, thank you for coming to BHSSC and giving your time to present at our school. You had all our students up and involved in the session. Our students took from it simple and easy to follow advice on how to tackle their future and set some excellent goals for themselves both academically and personally. Great presentation."
Teagan Steen
Director of Advocacy & Culture
Box Hill Senior Secondary College

"Andrew’s presentation to our Year 12 students on: “You can do it… no matter how unlikely it may seem”, was extremely powerful, thought provoking and high energy! He was able to motivate the senior students to think deeply about the importance of resilience in their lives. A great presentation which inspired the young adults to ‘keep on striving’ for their passions and aspirations… Great

Kevin Carvell
Head of Religious Education
Marymede Catholic College

"Andrew, thank you for coming in to speak to our student leaders about the importance of determination and having the right mind set. The feedback from our students was that your presentation was engaging and worthwhile; and they got to know each other a little better during the interactive activities."

Louise Noonan
Director of student leadership & voice
Balwyn High School

"Thank you for inspiring the students at Auburn Primary School to chase their dreams, work hard and get back up when they may be knocked down. Your enthusiasm was infectious, with your stories, jokes and life lessons captivating students from Prep to Grade 6. Thank you for a memorable afternoon."

Natasha Engelhardt
PE Teacher
Auburn Primary School

"Andrew Jobling came to speak to our Year 8 and Year 9 students about goal setting, and never giving up. He was engaging, he encouraged the boys to look within themselves for their strengths, and encouraged them to always have the perseverance to keep trying. The boys found him to be motivating, funny, and relatable. His message is particularly relevant to students ready to take their next step in their life journey. His personal delivery, and his professional approach meant that all students were engaged with his message."

Cassie Cooper
Head of Year 8
Trinity Grammar School

"Andrew Jobling was very engaging, and, the goal setting activity entitled T.E.A.R.S. of joy was heard to be quoted by students two days after his visit. Students were heard to be telling friends that , “ you can achieve anything you believe” , so, it was great to get the kids to write goals and then work out how they can actually achieve that goal by putting action steps into place. The fact that students were talking about changing habits to achieve their goals can only set them up for success later in life. It was great to hear this message in Year 7 and 8, at a time when students are learning from their mistakes. His message of Success being connected to routine, action, emotion and thought in a respectful, encouraging and supportive environment was a vital life message.”

Michelle Nye
Discovery Centre Director
Hillcrest Christian College


Andrew has worked with;

  • Ashwood High School
  • Auburn Primary School
  • Balcombe Grammar School
  • Balwyn High School
  • Belmont High School
  • Bialik College
  • Box Hill Senior Secondary College
  • Cheltenham Secondary College
  • Eltham High School
  • Fairhills High School
  • Geelong High School
  • Greensborough College
  • Hillcrest Christian College
  • Ivanhoe Grammar School
  • Keilor Downs Secondary College
  • Koonung Secondary College
  • Laverton P-12 College
  • Lighthouse Christian College
  • Marymede Catholic College
  • Monbulk College
  • Mt Eliza Secondary College
  • Ringwood Diving School
  • Ringwood Secondary College
  • Trinity Grammar School
  • Vermont Secondary College
  • Xavier College
  • Yarra Valley Grammar School

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